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Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  March 15, 2014
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Graffiti has emanated from a brilliant school of thought. It was basically an art form that would bring out the displeasure that people felt about the system and the society. It was born out of rebellion. And yet, today, it is by and large about creativity. There are a lot of places where we can see wall graffiti in public places in India. Graffiti art wasn’t very popular here in India until recently.

Contemporary homes opt for graffiti art in their décor, and why shouldn’t they! It’s classic and modern and chic. The following are the ways in which you can incorporate graffiti art in your living room décor.

A graffiti wall: You could have a blank, empty wall in your living room especially designed by a graffiti artist, telling a story. Or a wall that has matches your furniture and your stuff in a seamless way that your whole room is in some kind of sync. The idea is to seamlessly integrate your stuff in a way that your furniture, your walls and your accessories say a story.

Family trees: Something about wall graffiti that I picked up a long time ago was the idea of a family tree. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius Black’s living room had wall graffiti in the form of a family tree! This seemed like an amazing idea to me. Why not get an elaborate tree designed by a professional graffiti artist, and have it tell the history of your ancestors? Seems like something to chew upon!

3D graffiti: 3D graffiti art can be very well executed by a professional artist, in a way that really brings out a fresh new flavor to your walls. 3D could include a mosaic collage of sorts that could be incorporated into any graffiti design, and made lifelike.


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could be used alongside your graffiti to addan additional touch to your graffiti wall. For example, a cycle could be placed alongside a village themed graffiti wall to create the look and feel of a real village. Also, this idea could be used in 3D to create the illusion of a real village.

Colors: The use of neon colors and arty colors in your graffiti is encouraged if you want to create graffiti walls. Graffiti looks best in bright, alarming colors that catch the eye!

The beauty of graffiti lies in the art form. The beautiful exposition of thoughts and feelings and ideas in such a creative way makes for the best kind of wall décor. What’s more, you get to save the hassle of buying wallpaper or buying expensive paintings to fill up a drab wall! Graffiti art makes your walls come to life and tell a story, and be the life of the next party you have at your place!

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