Living Room Spring Decor

Festive Decor Dated:  Jan. 27, 2014
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Refreshing Spring Makeover Ideas for Your Living Room

It’s time to bid adieu to the dark winters and greet the effervescent spring with open arms.  From floral prints to tranquil hues, spring offers a leeway to experiment unabashedly with the delicate colours of Mother Nature and introduce them in our everyday living.  With a few and quick changes inspired from the picturesque spring, it wouldn’t be so difficult to bring a little sunshine into your living room as well.  Here are a few wonderful ideas to spruce up your living room the spring style.

Let colours do all the talking

Sunshine yellow, cherry yellow, aqua blue, ocean blue, passionate pink,  soft pink, mint green, apple green, lime green, kiwi green, turquoise, emerald – aah, who wouldn’t fall in love with the pretty colour palette of spring? Convert your living room into a bright and blossomy space by adding these soothing shades to your furniture, soft furnishings, carpets and accessories. 

Uplift your mood with prints and fabrics
Pick up colourful and enlivening prints, patterns and motifs for your seat cushions, pillows, drapes, curtains and rest of the soft furnishings.  Floral, coral, birds, butterflies and polka dots prints can brighten up your living room, never like before. Also replace heavy and dark shaded curtains with soft, flowing sheers to let the fresh air and natural light in. Similarly, change your heavy duty rug to a lightweight rug with a velvety feel.

Weave your imagination around accessories
Choosing spring friendly accessories can instantly pop up the look and feel of your living area.  Liven up your walls with paintings of flowers, plants, water bodies etc or family portraits done in gardens or other natural surroundings.  You can even throw a dash of spring colours in your tabletops, centerpieces, wall decor, lighting and fixtures and window treatments. 

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Cast spell of floral fragrance
Infuse your living room with scents of fresh flowers and plants. Use plotted plants as table tops and centerpieces instead of the regular, monotonous ones. You can even place assorted flower bouquets in various corners of your room to bring flair of spring.  For a long lasting fragrance, cut the stems of fresh flowers to an inch and put them in a transparent vase filled with water. Put some multihued shells, marbles or pearls to beautify the flower arrangement. Add floral preservatives, if necessary.

Arouse your senses through scented candles

The aroma of fresh and clean scented candles can work wonders for the spring look of your living room.  Vanilla, strawberry, basil, floral, lavender, citrus, mint, apple, lilac, green tea and the likes are the ever green favourites and soar high on the spring popularity chart.  

To add final touches to your spring decor, throw open your windows (and doors too, if possible) to let the bright sunshine and crisp salubrious air in. This will also take away winter air and foul odours from your home. 

I can already feel the spring fresh vibes around me, what about you?

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