Low Budget Decor Ideas to Style Your Bedroom

Low Cost Decor Ideas Dated:  March 1, 2014
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Designed by Hameeda Sharma

Your bedroom is your private den in the home - a special place where you seek solace and peace of mind away from the din and bustle of social life. Naturally, you may want to splurge when it comes to decorating your sleeping paradise. But alas, your pocket is giving you a hard time. So, where would you find your decor inspiration from? Don’t trouble yourself. All you have to do is to just browse through our low budget decor recommendations for bedroom and get started immediately.

Declutter to create space: You will be surprised how much space you discover once you get rid of unwanted/unused stuff and clean your bedroom. So, as a thumb rule, go on a cleaning spree. And if you are too lazy to do that, then hide these things in attractive bins and place them under the bed.

Add colour to walls: Don’t let your walls stare at you with their monotonous, neutral shades. Get bold and experiment with bright colours or add flair to them with vibrant picture frames, art work, wall decals or funky hooks. 

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Go light on the new furniture: It’s advisable to go with the wrought iron or light weight wooden furniture in the bedroom. This will not only reflect more space but also give you a freehand with the décor.

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Revamp the old furniture: Who said that you need to dump your old furniture and buy a new set instead? Simply, change the position of your furniture in the bedroom and see the transformation for yourself.  If you are moving to a new home, then you can buy used furniture and paint them fresh. And if you wish to retain the original look of the furniture, then just change the current knobs or handles of your wardrobe cabinet and drawers to the fancy ones.

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Invest in soft furnishings: Buy a few sets of bed sheets, comforters and pillows in various patterns and colours. You can instantly add a dash of new style to your bedroom by changing your bedding to suit your mood or occasion. And if you have a creative streak in you, then you can either add pretty ribbons and laces or trim borders to your bed sheets, pillow cases or duvets to uplift their look. 

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Upgrade the window curtains: Keep a stock of two curtain sets so that you can change them occasionally. Or else, you can simply accessorize your curtains with attractive rods, tie ups, holders or fashion beads. 

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Keep the lights muted: A bedroom doesn’t really need heavy duty lamps or eye piercing brightness. Allow natural light to flow in through window and use three way bulbs for subtle artificial lighting, suitable enough to read and perform your daily tasks.

Img Src: adoreyourplace.com 

Bring in the green life: Plants bring a rejuvenating freshness with them. So, place a potted plant on the window parapet or in one of the corners or hang them on wall hooks of your bedroom. It wouldn’t cost you much either!


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Feeling inspired already? 

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