Low cost decor ideas for a bachelor pad

Low Cost Decor Ideas Dated:  Dec. 31, 2013
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Being a bachelor is like "being married to freedom".  If you are a cool dude just walked out from your home in search of your destiny, with a pocket that looks kinda tight and want to move into an apartment, you can consider the following tips for setting up a great bachelor pad. 

Your ideas, in alliance with your imagination and a little bit of money can make you land on a superb place.

There are a number of ways to design a place fit for bachelors, using different color schemes, artwork and furniture style.

Living room.

To create a masculine vibe, you can go for  "darker wood" instead of the very common natural tones. Leather sofas are not only durable but they always give off a loud 'barbaric yawp' of masculinity.The couch can be the centerpiece, but it should be stylish and of a solid color. When we talk about color, blue is undoubtedly the most popular choice for men; however, do not always stick to this color only. Brown and Gray are the two classic color choices for places inhabited by men, these colors just go well with anything.Alternately, you can also boost up the energy level of your room with vibrant shades of the rainbow. However, it is better to paint color in accordance with the other furniture present in the room.

Entertainment Section.

If you are a music breather or a die-hard "heavy-metal" fan, your first inclination will be to focus on the electronics. Install a television set and a good music system that offers you  pleasant music, do not create a situation where you project your sweet little apartment to be the "house of noise". 

You can also have a coffee table to store some of your interesting books and magazines. If not so you can still use this table to hold remote controllers and PlayStations. 

Lighting and Wall.

If you creep into a place where resides a bachelor, the most common thing that you will observe after switching on a light bulb is definitely the blinking of it, so make sure this does not happen.  

You can have a couple accent lamps or a large floor lamp. In this way you can set the mood with lighting. 

Do not leave your walls blank, make sure you hang something on the walls. It's better if you can set up a wall book shelf and place novels and books of your choice. This is a great idea to display your interests, your tastes and preferences. Do not paste or plaster things on the wall randomly, frames are a must.


What could be more difficult for a guy to get up every morning and make up the bed neatly. It doesn't matter whether you stay alone in your apartment or you share the apartment with your friends, but all it matters is the size of your bed. Your bed may not be very large, but it is necessary to be at least a full size. You can choose from a plenty of bedding sets available in the dishes and a heap of plates are a very common sight. Sometimes you might also get to see a half finished bottle of beer lying in some corner. Do not let this happen, wash your plates regularly after using them, keep out all the empty liquor cans. You can never know who might be spending the night in your bachelor pad, so be ready with some common food items like bread, butter, jam or eggs. If you have a habit of drinking frequently or more often, purchase some stylish glassware, so that there's no need of drinking directly from the bottle. 


Running out of toilet paper or  hand soap are very very common in a Menz bathroom.So take care of these things.Try to keep your bathroom clean. Keep track of your toothpaste, do not throw your toothbrush at any place  after using it, instead keep it in a proper place.

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