Low Cost Housing - Methods, Tips and Ideas

Architecture Dated:  Oct. 15, 2015
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Low Cost Housing

Low Cost Housing is a concept that deals with operative planning and techniques which reduces the cost effectively, thus making it affordable by many. The basic idea behind this concept is the use of locally available materials, efficient skilled workhands, and technology without giving up on the strength, quality, and performance of the structure. It is often believed that there is a consumption of cheap raw materials in the construction of such projects, but it is the proper management of resources that leads to the efficacy of low cost housing projects.

The first step to achieving low cost housing is the selection of eco - friendly materials, which also promotes the principle of design sustainability. Every building should conserve energy throughout the different stages – pre building, building and post building – during its lifespan. Pre building stage consists of the manufacturing and processing of the units along with the transport of the same. The building phase involves the construction and operation while the post building stage is about the disposal and segregation of waste.
Low Cost House Building Methods
Figure 1, Source- www.specifile.co.za

A long the process of construction, few of the ways to reduce cost are:

  • Using thinner wall concept and efficient brick bonds, such as Rattrap Bond.
  • Using locally available building materials, thus promoting vernacularism.
  • Using energy efficient materials, reusable and recyclable, making sustainability achievable.
  • Using naturally available building materials, reducing exploitation of resources.
  • Extensive planning and calculative designing to ensure minimum wastage.
  • Necessity of the component should be the prime reason in consideration in such a project.

The production of building materials should be environment friendly, this ensures minimal waste generation during the construction process, thus resulting in less pollutants released in the environment. There has to be a constant search on the methods to minimise the amount of energy required in production of building materials. Lower the energy required, lesser is the exploitation of resources.

Lately, pre - fabricated structures are finding their way through low cost housing. Bringing the labour cost to a bare minim um, this comes across as a relaxed cost effective technique. These structures are extremely easy to construct, which does not compromise with its durability at any stage.

Use of local natural materials, wherever possible, is always advantageous as it maximises sustainability and reduces cost of transportation. Local materials are also best suited as they are the most environmentally apt and reduce construction cost. These materials are also generally energy efficient and thus, reduce the amount of generated energy.

Low Cost House Building IdeaFigure 2, Source- middleearthhome.com

A lot depends on the longitivity and the genuine quality of the materials used in the construction. Use of durable materials ensures low maintenance cost which automatically saves up quite a lot of building service cost. A long with this, an added advantage would be to use materials available in reusable and recyclable forms.

This concept of low cost housing is a dream to many, the evolution of which would make affordable shelter a reality in this era. Such a massive responsibility is possibly why such a project requires extensive planning and calculated measures.  More detailed the planning, lesser will be the construction cost and hassle.

Beyond these techniques of low cost housing, there are various areas where this idea of low cost methods could prove to be extremely effective and yield amazing results. T here are many low cost interior decorating ideas for all types of spaces, residential or otherwise. It is basically how little objects are used creat ively to produce attractive focal points. A few such ideas could be:

Hang plates: 

Low Cost House Building TipsFigure 3, Source- www.homedit.com

Bright coloured plates could be hung against a white wall to give it that extra edge and spunk. Old, broken plates could also be used by painting the broken edge on the wall to give it an extra verge.

Make your own art: 

Low Cost House decorFigure 4, Source- www.homedit.com

Framing one’s own art always adds that personal and intimate touch to any space. A quick and creative idea could be to frame a piece of wallpaper of one’s choice.


House Building MethodsFigure 5, Sourcewww.homedit.com

One of the oldest tricks in the book, this is here to stay. Using bright colours to paint something on the wall could give an instant fresh look.

Repurpose Furniture:

Low Cost House IdeaFigure 6, Source- www.homedit.com

Buying new furniture every time one wants a new look could charge a lot of money. Instead, old furniture could be placed in interesting new patterns to give an edgy new look without shedding those extra bucks.

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