6 Great Low Light Plants for Indoors

General Dated:  Nov. 14, 2016
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snake plant

Having indoor plants will not only help you to keep your home looking great but also helps in cleansing and purifying the air inside the house. In fact, indoor plants are highly recommended in areas that have poor ventilation, and they contribute to improving the quality of the indoor air. Remember, there are no plants that love the dark. However, the following plants will adapt well in areas that have low light. If the room is dark completely, try using reflected or filtered lights. Here are some of the best indoor plants for low light.

1. Dieffenbachia:

Dieffenbachia plant

The Dieffenbachia plant offers many options of colorful leaves compared to other houseplants. Dieffenbachia is a tropical plant that depicts a wide range of splotched or speckled leaves in either white-and-green or yellow-and-green. The plant should get an indirect light to prevent them from getting too long even though it grows well in dark rooms. The important point to remember when choosing this plant is that it is poisonous. For this reason, always keep it out of reach of pets and children.

2. Cast-Iron Plant:

Cast-Iron Plant

A cast-iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) is easily identified by its dark green leaves that grow up to 3 feet long. This plant requires a cooling average temperature and a slow-growing plant so you should let the water evaporate between watering as it is a lush plant. Besides, this plant does not require much light or fertilizer.

3. Chinese evergreen:

Chinese evergreen plant

The Chinese evergreen plant (Aglaonema) has a couple of varieties. This plant is 2-foot-long with yellow-green leaves, which is darker splotches, or dark green leaves with the white mark (Maria). The plant requires an average temperature that has no cold drafts hence you should not keep it in the foyer at the front door. To promote new growth, you should let the soil get dry after watering and then cut the old canes.

4. Gloxinia:

Gloxinia plant

This plant cannot survive if kept in the dark room. However, Gloxinia plant will blossom beautifully where it get indirect light and away from the sun. Water the plant when the soil gets dry. You should use liquid houseplant fertilizer on the plant at least once a month.

5. Dracaena:

Dracaena plant

The plant dracaena has numerous species, and most of them are the plants that grow slowly; that is they take long to grow. The most common type of this plant is Madagascar dragon tree (D. marginata) which has long thin leaves that shoot from the main stalk. This type of plant requires medium humidity and average temperatures. They require fertilizer infrequently and the soil should be allowed to dry between watering.

6. Mother-in-law’s tongue:

Mother-in-lawas tongue plant

This Mother-in-law’s tongue plant (Sansevieria trifasciata), is also known as snake plant. This plant among other houseplants, it has been the favorite. The vertical blades of this plant grow up to 18 inches. It requires cool-to-hot temperatures, and you do not need to fertilizer it frequently.


You can decide to pick any of our listed plants or a combination. They will do greatly in the indoors and helps to create an excellent look inside your home. If you want to grow plants in the outdoor you can use simple outdoor tools to help you in preparing the land and taking care of the plants. Good luck!

Photo Credits: igardenplanting.com

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