7 Low-maintenance plants for the office

Office Design & Decor Dated:  Nov. 10, 2016
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Office Plants Idea by Architecture firm: Core Architecture

Indoor plants can add a lot of color and vibrancy to an otherwise drab office environment. Office plants can also help in improving the quality of air inside the office and remove impurities. Additionally, you can use your creativity to make effective separations between workplaces giving you a source of peaceful contemplation during the day.

There are various types of office plants that you can choose from depending on your space and specific requirements. With so many choices available, it is easy for you to incorporate your ideas and create a peaceful environment in your office. Let us look at some of the best plants for office.

1. Ficus Longafolia:

Ficus Longafolia

If you have large space, this is a great plant to add to your office setting. This plant has bushy foliage, which is characterized by thin long thin leaves that are well proportioned. Along with Ficus Benjamina, these plants are favorites with people who love traditional office plants and want create an impressive office display. These plants will adapt well to a variety of office conditions from those with bright to low light levels.

2. The Areca palm:

The Areca palm

This is one of the most popular office plants because of its graceful and elegant leaves that make it have a beautiful appearance. This plant is very tolerant and does well in indoor climates. This plant does an exquisite job in removing moisture and regulating humidity levels in indoor air. This plant is extremely successful in the indoors- it is almost like they are evolved to grow in the indoors.

3. Snake plant:

Snake plant

Snake plant is a great plant to grow in your office, as it will adapt to almost any environment. This plant also requires less watering and does well with little maintenance. You will love its beautiful sword-like leaves that grow somehow tall, giving your office a stylish and classic look.

4. Spathiphyllum Sensation:

Spathiphyllum Sensation

Also referred as peace lily, this beautiful plant will do well in revitalizing the look of your office. Most landscapers recommend this plant as it is highly versatile and visually stunning. This plant is effective in removing indoor pollutants making it a must have in your office. Peace plant has long glossy leaves and creamy white flowers that are enclosed in a unique looking design.

5. Sansevieria:


This flowering plant is native to Africa. This plant has tall green leaves that grow in a central point. They produce varying colored flowers ranging from lilac-red, greenish white or brown. The make great office plants, as they are tolerant to low light conditions.

6. Succulents and cacti:

Succulents and cacti

Cacti and succulents are fabulous low care plants that require very little water to survive. However, these plants will not grow in a room that is completely dark and will require some daylight to survive. For the best results, you can include an assortment of fun succulents in vintage or upcycled containers.

7. Calathea:


If you would like office plants that have large attractive foliage, the Calathea are great. This plant is also referred as zebra plant because of its dark patterned leaves and silver colored stripes. This look complements any office look to give you a modern and stylish touch.

These office plants require a little upkeep, but they will play a major role in transforming your office from a dull one to an office full of color and vitality.

Photo Credits: igardenplanting.com

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