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Decor Accents Dated:  Jan. 22, 2016
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Michel Sofa Product by B&B Italia

There are umpteen number of products that goes into making a perfect home- whether its for pure  aesthetics or for the functionality. And now we search for the ones which serve us the dual purpose.

Have a look at the best of 10 products from the best of the manufacturers which will guarantee you both- the look and the utility.


Windows are the eyes of a house that reflect the aesthetic sense of the house and the house owner. We all love the woody window panes but at the same time are concerned whether it can withstand the harsh environment . What can be done to give the windows the beauty  of the wood and the strength of a metal? Go for composite frames.

Product: Alu-wood windows with thermal breaks

This composite window pane, having aluminium profiles on the exterior and natural heartwood towards the interior will give you the satisfaction of both- the look and the strength.

Alu-wood windows with thermal breaksBuy: Alu-wood windows with thermal breaks


Product: Facade enhancer

When the house gets a stunning facade, its hard to take of your eyes.

Facade EnhancerBuy: Facade Enhancer

You can highlight your house by getting the facade enhanced by sandstone, marble moulding and lights as shown above.  

Door Locks

Product: Premium proximity card digital door locks

Having a big luxurious house has its own downsides. The fear of unwanted guests trespassing  your home will get you sleepless nights. We opt for a digital lock in such situation. But the problem is still not solved. Repeated pressing of the set password leaves marks on the keypad making  it easier to decode. Premium proximity card locks completes the opening process only after the user touches the keypad with his palm, beefing the security.

Premium proximity card digital door locksBuy: Premium proximity card digital door locks

Door Knockers

Product: Ace antique finish brass horse shoe door knockers

Ace antique finish brass horse shoe door knockersBuy:

A stylish door deserves a stylish door knocker. The antique finished brass horse shoe door knockers will be a perfect match for any door- whether its dark mahagony or white timber.


Product: Plyboo stiletto strand flooring (barnwood)

Bored of glossy vitrified tiles gleaming at your face? Why not go for a woody one.

Plyboo stiletto strand flooring (barnwood)Buy: Plyboo stiletto strand flooring (barnwood)

Plyboo stiletto barnwood flooring  can give that rich brown tinge to your house making it look warmer- a change you longed for from those lustrous tiles.

Solar System 

A time when the country is facing acute power problem, having a renewable source of energy right in your home is something you can always rely on. Solar energy is one such renewable source that can be easily harnessed in a tropical country like ours. By using  a solar energy system at home, you are not only becoming self reliant on power but saving the nature from the damage caused by reckless use of polluting and non renewable resource.

Product: Lume Sankalp L-1

Lume Sankalp L-1Buy:

Lume sankalp is a device that can generate electricity using solar energy. It can be charged both by keeping it exposed to sun and by electricity. This will prove to be a real saviour there is frequent power cuts.
Stretch Ceiling

There is no better way of highlighting a room than with a stretch ceiling which brings with it a load of other benefits.

Product: Barrisol stretch ceiling

Barrisol stretch ceilingOrder now: Barrisol stretch ceiling

Modular Kitchen

In this modern era, kitchens too share the 'modern' title. Modular kitchens are not only 'modern' but   make efficient use of space and above all, give a clutter free look to the kitchen.

To have a modular kitchen is to have a durable set of cabinets and counters that will lasts as for a long time.

Product: Kitchen panel sheets

The aluminium panel sheets are manufactured using the latest state-of-art German technology. Available in a wide variety of customised panels with unique colours, these also come with a warranty of 10 years.

Kitchen panel sheetsOrder now: Kitchen panel sheets From:4MANNGROUP

Luxury Sofa 

Product : Ray Sofa

Coming to the interiors, the basic furniture you need for a living room is a Sofa - A sofa that is conveniently functional and complimenting the contemporary sleek look of your interiors.

Ray Sofa from B&B Italia can serve you the purpose. Boxy yet sleek design which combines a usual sofa, Chaise Longue and Ottoman in one setting can be the ultimate solution for a house where each one has a different need. Done to perfect finish with blanket stitching, you don't have to give up on the looks either.

Ray SofaBuy: Ray Sofa

Floor Rug

Product: Brisbane-New Zealand Blend, soft and luxurious woollen rug

When its quality that means the most to you, which will keep up the class and style, you can't go for anything ordinary- be it a gadget, a  sofa  or a floor rug.

Brisbane-New Zealand Blend, soft and luxurious woollen rugBuy: Brisbane-New Zealand Blend, soft and luxurious woollen rug

This is a floor rug hand woven  in a centuries old pattern. Natural ,undyed wool, all the way from New Zealand, is used to give your feet a heavenly touch.

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