10 Lavish and Luxurious Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Feb. 18, 2016
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Luxury Interior Design Idea, Source: mooxis.com

We have one life and we will probably own one home- a home which we build not just with stones and bricks but with our dreams and hopes. So, spending a little extra on that dream house should not really bother us. Moreover, if we have been saving a good portion from our earning with just this one goal of owning a house, it ought to be phenomenal.

Here are some of the wackiest ideas you can implement for your house turning it into a paradise on earth.

1. Interior fountains

Isn’t it  delightful to see a designer fountain pumping out water, welcoming you, standing gracefully on the courtyard.  What if the same fountain comes in to treat your eyes, for a longer time. Yes, fountains can be one extravagant idea that can give a majestic look to your interiors.

2. Sleep with the aquatic life

Luxury Interior DesignLuxury Interior Design
Image Source: modern.perrysliquor.com

Life in a different world always fascinates us. Aquatic life shown on those channels is often tempting with its serene, heavenly creatures. Well, now you can enjoy both the world right in your bedroom. How?  Go for an aquarium as a headboard instead of the usual tufted one. Have a good night’s sleep with those tiny gorgeous creatures happily swimming across your head!

3. Interior swimming pool

Swimming is an exercise that not only refreshes your mind but your soul too. Your skin is radiant and your soul is light and gay after a good swim. For those people who find peace in doing so, a swimming pool right next to their bedroom or dining can be the best investment they can go for.

4. Bar counter

There are people amongst us who will forgo a get together at a pub or club just because they are too lazy to step out of the house. If you have been one of them, for some time, it’s high time you made you friends happy by providing for a bar counter at your new home.

Open Kitchen Bar CounterBar Counter Designed by Interior Designer Shahen Mistry

5. Spa in bathroom

With lives becoming more stressful day by day, we resort to spas and massage parlors to relieve our stress- both physical and mental.  But as it is, our lives are already hectic and it takes months of planning to actually land in a spa. So why not have it in our bathrooms itself. A bathroom turned spa is now becoming an essential more than a luxury and its time we gave our health some importance.

6. False ceiling

This is probably the first thing you can do to accentuate your interiors. Apart from giving a stunning makeover to your ceiling, these can act as good insulator of heat and provide excellent sound proofing.

False ceiling DesignFalse ceiling Designed by Interior Design Firm J.D.Associates

7. Fire place

Fire places are our ultimate savior in those freezing winters. To sit infront of a fireplace with your family, having endless talks are something priceless But fireplaces are much more than just room heaters. Faux fireplaces or electric versions  can be an innovative idea to add some drama to your living room. Even if you really don’t need one, you can always fake it.

An electric fireplaceAn electric fireplace
Image Source: www.overstock.com

8. Glass floors

We have glasses on windows, doors and furniture and yet glass is an item that is never too much for our interiors. If so, what about a glass floor. Give usual tiles a miss and go for glass floor( on a portion of a room). To make it more spectacular, you have a bag of items to fill it with- sand and shells, stones and pebbles or even a real aquarium.

Glass floorsGlass floors
Image Source: giesendesign.com

9. Lighted bed frame

If you are nyctophobic, just like me, it will be hard to sleep in dark while your partner may not be okay with a light glaring at him all night. You need to find out a solution that fits you both. This is what you can do- Illuminate the bed from beneath with neon lights that creates a bright boundary giving away warm luminance that is never too harsh on your eyes at night.

10. Vertical garden

Vertical gardens or life walls are self sufficient growing medium which can support plant life. The plants get sufficient nutrients from this wall instead from the ground. These can be attached to both exteriors and interiors. For all those ardent nature lovers, vertical garden are a must try for the interiors. It is indeed a pleasure to see these green lives blooming on your walls, right before you.

Vertical gardenVertical garden
Image Source: www.stylepark.coma

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