Inspiring Ideas to Design a Luxe and Inviting Living Room

Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  July 26, 2016
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Living Room Furniture

If you recall your childhood days, you will remember that your living room was one place in the house, which was always off-limits. Living room always receive more elaborate and formal treatment that other rooms in the house. It is the central component of our home; a place where we socialize and entertain our guests. Therefore, we put our heart and soul into designing this treasured space. This space is usually a reflection of your lifestyle, personality, aesthetics and tastes. It also sets the tone for decorating the rest of your dwellings. Since this space is so important to us, we take special care and put our best efforts while designing it. Today we bring you some wonderful designing ideas that will make your living room more luxurious and welcoming. Dig in to find out more-

Dress up the walls

Living Room wall DesignLiving Room wall Design
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Walls will help you set the mood for your living area. Soft and muted hues will create a relaxing effect in the space while giving it a more elegant and sophisticated touch. The combination of bold and vibrant colors will energize the room and will make it more glamorous. Choose a color depending on the ambiance you want to create in your living room.

Pay attention to flooring

Living Room FlooringLiving Room Flooring
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Floor coverings are indispensable while decorating the living area. Flooring lays the foundation of a refined living space. Hardwood or marble flooring is the most popular choice among the homeowners. Add an area rug to give the perfect finishing touch to the room.  Apart from wood and marble flooring, wall to wall carpeting is also an attractive option these days.

Welcome Lighting

Living Room LightingLiving Room Lighting
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Lighting plays a major role in creating an inviting atmosphere in the room. Moreover decorative lighting, which is on-trend these days, serves a dual purpose. Not only it illuminates the room, but also enhances the décor. Pay attention to the lighting to create an intriguing ambiance and give your living room a photo-ready finish.

Work with windows

Living Room Window DesignLiving Room Window Design
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Window treatments are one of the easiest and the most budget-friendly way to get an elegant and upscale look for your living area. Draperies and curtains in fabrics like silk, cotton and linen will effortlessly give your living room an expensive and luxurious look.

Bring in the Furniture

Living Room with FurnitureLiving Room with Furniture
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How you arrange the furniture can make the difference between a staged and organized space and a cluttered and messy one. Go for simplicity while staging your furniture and place them in a manner that promotes conversation and interaction.   

Create a Focal Point

Living Room DesignLiving Room Design
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An accent wall with an eye-catching pattern right across the entrance or a striking work of art can be the focal point of your living room. It will act as an anchor and draw you in, while amplifying the décor of the space.  


Living Room AccessorizeLiving Room Accessorize
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Your living room will only come alive after you properly accessorize the space. Deck up the walls with outstanding artwork or create a collage of your most precious memories and hang them on the wall. A rustic side table, a book shelf or a large mirror with a metallic accent can also do the trick. 

Add Charm with Flowers

Flowers will add the much-needed charm and life to your living room décor. They will add an unmatched exotic appeal and a unique freshness to space. You can go with the natural flowers or add a fancy silk flower arrangement, which looks just as pleasing as real ones.

Take heart these tried and tested tips and make your living room stand out effortlessly.

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