10 Luxurious Master Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  March 4, 2016
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Luxury Bedrooms interior by N. Goyal Associates

No room wraps you in comfort, luxury and style – all at once like a master bedroom. You can have the liveliness of a living room, coziness of a bedroom and the ambience and luxury of a hotel room with the right selection and orientation of the décor. The below shown bedrooms show you how to get it right.

1) With extensive wood paneling, the vast room looks palatial. The enormity of the room gets magnified and beautified with the large area rug and the heavenly false ceiling. The room divider stands tall encompassing a TV unit and a fireplace.

master bedroom designMaster bedroom design
Image Source: www.zillow.com

2) The neutral colours used here give a warm and cozy atmosphere to the interiors. The plush bed served with lots of cushions and pillows, a velvety bench at the end of the bed and an exquisite area rug, were all that were needed to provide a cozy sleeping place.

Luxury Bedrooms interior DesignLuxury Bedrooms interior Design
Image Source: www.homestratosphere.com

3) A moderate sized bedroom has been turned into a luxurious den with select décor and furniture. The room predominantly done in golden beige colour, radiates peace and energy. Even though only a few furniture float on the surface, the large windows opening to a mesmerizing view make the room luxurious and beautiful. Luxury, sometimes, is more than just materialistic possessions. This room proves it with ease.

Bedroom Decorating IdeaBedroom Decorating Idea
Image Source: www.willa-holland.net

4) White stands for purity and luxury and this bedroom has proved it right. From the ceiling to the floor, the room teems with peaceful vitality.

small bedroom design ideaMaster bedroom designed by Interior Design Firm Beox Designs

5) Relating luxury to space will be a real mistake, atleast after seeing this. A bedroom comes down at night concealing the sunken living space. With minimum furniture and out of the box efficient space saving furniture, luxury gets a whole new meaning.

double decker bed designDouble decker bed design
Image Source: inhabitat.com

6) Richness is at its peak in this bedroom. The use of neutral colour has done the magic here. A simple bed and a bespoke bedroom bench elegantly consume the centre. With extra large floor rug rolled out on the dark wooden flooring, the look is both pacifying and dramatic. The chandelier too does its part to enhance the luxury of the room.

Luxury Bedroom DesignLuxury Bedroom Design
Image Source: homyxl.com

7) The bed is the ultimate focal point here. A long bedroom with lustrous neat hardwood floors gets a strikingly contrasting bed cubicle (poster bed). The neat and crisp frames of the bed lend a sharp definition to the room making the room look a fine piece of art. Warm table lights and hidden ceiling lights combine perfectly with the classy décor.

Luxury Four Poster BedLuxury Four Poster Bed
Image Source: kuangyi.com

8) Till now we have seen how neutral colours create a peaceful and serene ambience in a master bedroom. Now, it is time to show you how bright colours bring in fun and vibrance to the room.

multicolored bedroom ideaMulticolored bedroom idea
Image Source: vipalaz.com

The room, with its very choice of colour, stands out. The bright yellow walls gives a dashing backdrop to the rich red floral bed linen. With bits of white appearing on the ceiling, frames, borders and the bed, the room blossoms like an evening flower.

9) Luxury should provide happiness. And the one colour that describes happiness is the cheerful yellow. The bedroom above gives a cheerful look with the cheerful yellow forming the base colour. While the floors and the walls get a muted shade of yellow, the bed is cozy and warm with a refreshing yellow and white combination. The plates decorated on the walls and the elegant and simple table lamps too contribute to this radiant look of the room.

master bedroom color schemesMaster bedroom color schemes
Image Source: adorable-home.com

10) A perfectly finished bedroom like this can be the one thing pulling you back from your work early.  A chaise lounge sits by the window to give you a cheerful look of your garden while the cozy king sized bed on the sturdy hardwood assures you a good night’s sleep. Warm sunlight makes way through the large pillars to kiss you good morning and you are off to start your day with a wide smile.

Luxury Bedroom interior DesignLuxury Bedroom interior Design
Image Source: www.leveragere.com


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