Madhu Dhawan's home - A tasteful mix and match

The Story of My Home Dated:  Jan. 4, 2014
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Photo Credits: Riku Sharma Living Room Madhu with Bunty and Bubbly The Tanjore

For some people spatial challenges never exist. Even if there is a lack of space, they would tweak out things perfectly and find out a way to set them right. Madhu Dhawan, a vivacious socialite from Rajouri Garden is extremely fervent and tasteful when it comes to home decorating.

It was during one of our short home tours when we visited this building lying near the ring road in Rajouri Garden. As we entered the building, a lush green lawn treated our eyes, contrasting against the rubble of the metro construction outside. The entrance door to Madhu's home is a work of art itself in dark polished wood. She opened the gate with a glee and ushered us indoors with much warmth.

Madhu with Bunty & Bubbly Madhu with Bunty & Bubbly

And equally warmly were we treated by the little Bunty and Bubbly. Madhu Dhawan,a mother of three, is extremely fond of her dogs Bunty and Bubbly. She dotes on them as a mother dotes on her newborn babies. Married at an early age of 19 yrs, Madhu took up home decor as a hobby and with the assistance of her husband, she continued sprucing up the space. Now with her kids all grown up, she has more time to spend on her hobby. And her passion now clearly shows in the interiors of her home.

As I looked around the space, I couldn't but help feel the lady's love for walnut wood and colored onyx, an eclectic combination of warm and cool. Her living room, though compact, portrays an extraordinary picture - from the traditional jhulaa that occupies the space near the entry gate to the Tanjore paintings that adorn the walls almost perfectly. 

The JhulaThe Jhula

The living space is an L-Shaped setting where Jhulaa is the piece de resistance. At the base of the L, a round dining table has been picturesquely positioned beside a window, with a magnificent Tanjore painting overlooking it from the adjacent wall. A narrow hallway runs from the center where the dining space ends. There are rooms on either sides of the hallway, designed in a way to maximize privacy for each room. One side of the hallway wall has been dotted with with family photos and the opposite wall bolsters an imposing walnut dresser.

The hallway The hallway
The walnut dresser The walnut dresser

I was quite impressed on seeing an aesthetically pleasing Buddha adorning the walls of her son's room. An unusual but a very welcome sight in a teenager's room! When asked about the decor challenges faced from initial stage to the completion stage, Madhu recounts "Sprucing up the space wasn't that overwhelming as our old home in Dubai had almost an identical plan." which is one of the reasons she fell for this home at first look.

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As far as the theme of the home is concerned, Madhu doesn't believe in following anything specific but prefers to go by what appeals to her in individual decor pieces. With her husband showing an equal interest in interior decor, the husband and wife have collected some magnificent walnut and onyx furniture pieces and decoratives enough to make their home the neighbor's envy.

The Tanjore Painting in the Living Room The Tanjore Painting in the Living Room 

Of all things, the imposing Walnut Jhula, which she had ordered from the Jail Road in Delhi is her most prized possession and her favorite spot at home, though she secretly confesses that she would love to have recliners at her home someday.

As someone who rules functionality over rules, trends or fads, Madhu prefers a round dining table over a rectangular one despite the Vastu norms. When asked about the reason, she retorted thoughtfully that she would rather like to have something that fits the space than opt for things that complicate it.

Bubbly on the dining table Bubbly on the dining table

Madhu strongly favors minimalist decor style. She would any day adopt the Zen decor, provided the space allows the setting. However, despite the spatial challenge, she leaves no stone unturned in creating a perfect illusion.

Her living room has an entire wall lined with windows and two large couches occupy the extremes, one aligned to the window and the other aligned along the opposite wall. Lush sea green color of the upholstery blends perfectly with the neutral brown to preserve the warmth in the space. Here again, the corners have not been left pigeon-holed.

Large Living RoomLiving Room

Large onyx corner pieces liven up the space here and there in the living area. As Madhu recounts, one of these onyx decoratives used to be a part of an old coffee table. When she got bored of the coffee table, she simply took the top off and used the base as an interesting corner piece.

Onyx corner accent Onyx corner accent

One couldn't have missed the cabinet loaded with finest liquor bottles in one of the corners. Nor the impressive wooden fireplace with its mantelpiece adorned with family photos. Right next to the fireplace, there stands a grandfather clock. Overall, the space has been beautifully done with the right blend of colors. 

Liquor Cabinet The Liquor Cabinet

For walls, Madhu prefers neutral touches in off-whites, mushrooms and ivories rather than going for eye-popping colors. However, she wouldn't mind creating an eclectic illusion by changing furniture, upholstery or accents.

  Madhu in her living room Madhu in her living room

She firmly believes that every part of her home is an expression of its occupant's personas. Her daughter's room portrays a very youthful, girly picture with its pale lilac tones. The main wall features a customized beige and pink wallpaper, on which are etched in bold, the names of various metropolitan cities of the world. The wall houses a couple of racks for holding usual stuff like books, DVDs and photo frames. A typical youngster's room, it features a pinboard with an eclectic collage of photograph clippings.

wall shelf A peek into Madhu's daughter's bedroom

Madhu and her husband's earnest efforts at doing up their home are discernible from the way the interiors have been done. When asked about the type of home she dreams about, the candid lady thoughtfully retorts "My dream home has to have a large Pooja room." All she ever wanted was a separate space for Pooja Ghar. But apart from this much craved for 'Pooja Ghar', feel she has really been successful in defining the space the way she wants it - right from her favorite Jhula to the exuberant Tanjores; and not to mention, her darlings Bunty and Bubbly. I was surprised to see that even with the two playful puppies around, the decor remains intact and graciously reveals the joint efforts of the couple, who have nurtured their space with the things that express their persona and taste. A mix and match, as tasteful as this hasn't been put together out of nowhere.


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Photo Credits: Riku Sharma

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