The Magic of Outdoor Fountains

Outdoors Dated:  Dec. 30, 2013
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Photo credit: Riku Sharma

Every river breaks the madness of an unfinished symphony and runs in accord with it's compassion to merge into the limitless world called the ocean. Like people say  an ocean is everywhere you can also have your own artificial ocean in the form of a fountain right in front of your home.

But before you make up your mind to have a fountain in front of your house or any place outside your house make sure you consider some of the important factors like the material it is made up of and the space it will occupy.Change and choice followed by your precepts are the profundity of your very existence. So make a change, take a step towards a beautiful life.

Outdoor fountains bring in style,add beauty to your home. There are different types of outdoor fountains available nowadays, so go ahead choose the one you like and fill your life with joy and happiness.

Types of outdoor fountains. 

Wall fountain:- Out of all the fountains the wall fountain is the most common and most beautiful. A wall fountain is a smart choice for a small yard or garden since it does not occupy a lot of space or a large area. 

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The best part of a wall fountain is the trickling sound of the water drops and the scenic beauty of the water flow.  Imagine in this hectic life if you can find a place to sit comfortably in an environment where you find only peace and a natural blend of music of the trickling droplets; what else do you wish more in this world.

Garden fountains:- The earliest use of water fountains started from the garden fountains. There can be different kinds of garden fountains like pond,lake,etc. A variety of artistic works and stone works are found in outdoor garden fountains.

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The garden fountain stands as a pillar to be the charismatic leader.It also attracts butterflies, birds and many others,thereby bringing nature into your home.

Cascading fountains:-   The cascading fountains are more elusive. It uses multiple levels or layers such that the water can gently brim over to the next. The most common type of it  can be seen  in the style where water flows through a series of containers or pots.

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Spouting fountains:-   Spouting fountains can offer you the most dramatic illusion. A spouting fountain blows up(sprays)  water towards the sky and gives a striking beauty to the surrounding area. This type of fountain is mostly seen installed in a swimming pool or in an artificial pond. To add more beauty to a spouting fountain  you can pair it with a big statue and can fix spot light of different colors to give  a fascinating view at night.

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It's always good to have outside water fountains but at the same time maintenance is also very important. 

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