Make your House an Environmental Relief

Green Homes Dated:  June 11, 2014
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Make your house an environmental relief: tips and tricks on how you can make your home more sustainable this season

Green homes are increasingly becoming popular and if we are to think of the future they are certainly going to become a need rather than a desire. Making your home sweet home environment friendly is a legacy that you can be proud of and it is certainly something that your children and their children’s children will thank you for in the coming years.

The question here is that since it is so desirable and sensible why people are not going after it. I believe the main reason that this concept has not caught on is because there isn’t enough awareness and the information is not easily available. This is why we have decided to provide you with relevant info for you to create a house that is environment as well as eco friendly.

Following are a few tips and tricks that can make your home sustainable this season:

1.    Easy and low cost efficiency tips

Buy energy saver appliances - Look for ‘Energy Star’ while making your purchase. Pick the appliance which uses the smallest amount of energy.

Use Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) - They are costlier than the usual incandescent bulbs but are so efficient and long lasting that they end up saving you an average 7.5% on your electricity bill.

Recycle your Waste – You can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions simply by using your organic waste at home by using it as a fertilizer for your plants in the yard. And in case you do not have the luxury of a yard you can always try worm-composting which hardly requires much space.

Create a good maintenance regime - Keep changing the air filter in your air conditioning unit. Follow the service schedule

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your car and keep the tires sufficiently inflated. Always clean the coils at the back of your refrigerator.

2.    Instant change tricks

Unplug your electronics – I am sure not many of you are aware of the ‘Phantom load’ that costs you in thousands each year in your electricity bill. You see your electronic appliances are consuming energy even when you are not using them. You can prevent this by simply unplugging the electronic items or by using a surge protector strip and turning off the whole strip when you leave a room.

Change your driving method – If you are keeping your car in the going mode it costs you but if you turn it off when you are in a traffic jam or on a red light you will be saving a considerable amount of petrol over time.

Use the accelerator gently - Another way of saving that precious energy is by using the accelerator gently. Hard acceleration takes you to the patrol station all the more faster.

Don’t speed – Just as you consume more energy when you run instead of walking the car too consumes more energy when you swish and zoom. So go easy on the speed

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save on both your pocket and your carbon print.

I am quite sure there are many more ways that you can devise to create an environment friendly home. Just make a start and see how it works out…


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