Minimalist style Interior Designs and Decor - 20 Tips and Tricks

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Dec. 11, 2015
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Minimalist Decoration Tips

Minimalist Interior design is the 'in' thing today. People have started to accept that less is more and are going for the sleek and slender way to furnish their homes.

Afterall, home is one unparalleled destination for us  no matter how small or austere it is ,and has to be uncluttered, spacious and oozing with charm.

Here are some cool, helpful and easy to follow minimalist  Interior Designs tips if you are planning to keep it simple and classy.

1. Fundamentals:

Home interiorsHome interiors designed by Architect Channa Horombuwa

Minimalist Interior designing  suggests sharp lines, solid surfaces  and low furniture.

This gives  the room a more spacious and edgy look. Correct selection of materials  for the decor and its proper  dispositioning can do wonders in terms of both look and space.

2. Keep the Space Open:

Planning to divide the space into definite areas by using glass partitions, curtains or anything which plays the role of separation is not a great idea for minimalistic designing since it tends to give a cramped look to the interiors.

3. Choosing the Colours:

Colours play an important role in deciding the overall look of the room.  Bright, loud colours can take away the charm of a room inspired by minimalism. White is preferred the most for such interiors. If white is dull and boring to you, you can also go for off white, beige or shades of grey to give that aesthetic touch to the rooms.

However, bright colours must not be completely ruled out. Painting a particular section on one out of four walls with contemporary textures can infact give depth to the whole idea of minimalism.

4. Conceal the extras:

Conceal all the rarely used items in cabinets and never bring it forth until you actually need it. Make space by giving of things that you have not used in the past six months as you will find out that they are  never going to be used in the future as well.

5. Don't put the weight on one:

Walls are often our easy target when thinking of beautifying the room. But, it is important to see that no one wall is bogged down with so much of hangings and fixtures.
6. Bring in the nature:

 This is yet again a concept Japanese designing always tries to include. Window panes, doors, floors can all be inspired by the browns of the wood. Dont forget to  add in  some green to your house. to feel the warmth of the nature.

7. Windows:

 There is nothing more pleasant than being in the lap of nature, surrounded by God's splendid creations. To have  cool breeze seeping  in and greenary to adore and relax  are the best medicines when you need a break from the stressful schedule. Huge, expansive  windows and balconies are therefore highly recommended.

Highly ventilated bedroomHighly ventilated bedroom designed by Architect Channa Horombuwa

8. Floors:

Floors are one such element which easily gets dirty and hence always opt for something which can be easily turned spotless. Wooden floors or polished concrete floors can be some fabulous options.

9. Lights:

Lights can both enhance and demean the essence of a beautiful decor. Never go for a  standardised lighting option for the entire house as each room is of different size, orientation and has different light requirement.

10. Entrance:

Well, this was supposed to be on the top of the list. Entrance should be one of the most uncluttered area to  make sure that your guests feel welcomed and home.

Entrances like the one shown below can speak volumes of the host.

EntranceEntrance Design
Image source:

11. Staircase:

Since simplicity is the buzz word for Minimalism, the concept should be applied wherever possible. Thin hand railings carved out of wood or steel can save you from  the cranky, suffocating look of huge and old fashioned ones which also make the space look duller.

12. Furniture -Minimize to maximize:

Furniture should be kept as minimum as possible and arranged  in a manner that allows maximum free space to move around. 

13. Ceramics and pottery:

If you are fond of Ceramics and potteries and wish to accessorize the floor with some ethnicity, go ahead and  grab some-again, few and big is better.

Ceramics and potteryCeramics and pottery Designed by Architect Rushikesh Mamarde

14. Dining space:

Dining area is best set close to the windows for better view and the kitchen counter so that the food can be easily brought to the table or passed on directly with a cavity in the dividing wall (between dining room and kitchen). 

15. Bedroom:

A  Bedroom is where one can completely bring his/her tastes to life as its more isolated and private from the rest of the rooms. Wooden flooring coupled with closets carved out of the walls can be a great choice to create more space. 

16. Rotate the accessories:

Its common to feel at times that our minimalist interiors are looking a bit too boring. Trying changing the accessories according to the season. For example, as soon as the winter sets in, get some bright cushion covers to drape that cushions.

17. Curtains:

Go for light curtains that allows natural light to seep in  and at the same time protect you from the hot glares.

18. Dividing walls:

Instead of dividing the spaces (when required) with walls, panels made with thin wooden blogs can be used so that the area does not look confined.

19. Sliding Windows:

If you think that the rooms are small, opt for  sliding windows instead of  the conventional grill ones that add to the confined, congested look.

20. Wall  hangings and pictures:

Instead of numerous small frames and fixtures, go for few but large art works.

Wall  hangings and picturesWall Decor Designed by Architect Puran Kumar

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