4 Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Home Lighting Dated:  Nov. 4, 2016
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Modern Bathroom Lighting Idea by Interior Designer Dipen Gada

When it comes to adding peace or injecting serenity into the house, nothing can beat a nicely decorated bathroom. It is because we live in a society where the guests often judge us as an individual by how clean, maintained and decorated our bathrooms are. This is the main reason for people spending money for the decoration of their bathrooms.

Bathtub with LightsBathtub with Lights
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To get away from the hustle and bustle of our lives, we tend to create the bathrooms as places customized to our needs. When it comes to the decoration element, adding magnificent lights to your bathroom can often change the mood. The lighting is a part and parcel of any decoration. Nowadays, we commonly use recessed lights as they allow us to create vibrancy and mood in the room which is not possible to be had with a single light source only. In order to achieve a pleasant ambience or to add coziness in your bathroom, following are some bathroom design ideas which you can follow.

Planning your bathroom lighting:

It is very important that your bathroom must have a natural source of lighting. This can be fulfilled by having a window in your bathroom. We usually use light which compliments our natural light that is coming through the window. By using screens or frosted glass we can also diffuse some of the natural light so that the soft light enters our bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Natural LightModern Bathroom Natural Light
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Adding lamps to your list is also considered good for night when natural daylight is not present.
Next comes the accent lighting which are bulbs that we can use during daytime along with the natural lighting.

Involving decoration along with design-making:

Nowadays, there are varieties of lamp shades available in the market and also glass or ceiling lights. You can choose among them for your wall lights. Track lights are known to be one of the best for the modern bathroom lighting.

Bathroom Lighting DesignBathroom Lighting Design
Image Source: www.beeyoutifullife.com

Energy efficient lights:

It is a myth that what is expensive must be good always. The lighting for our bathroom does not have to be very expensive especially with the easy availability of energy efficient light fixtures. It is considered essential that the bulb must be checked before buying to be aware about what sort of bulb it is. There are two most common energy efficient fixtures available these days- Led lights or CFL.

Energy efficient lightsEnergy efficient lights
Image Source: www.homepower.com

Layering and combining lights:

You may also want to consider layering the lights. It is basically combining the lights based on the purpose of using them. It is best to choose a good task light which can be wall sconces or ceiling down lights. These are known to be perfect lights when you want to use for a specific purpose. Such lights can be placed close to the mirror or the counter.

Modern Bathroom Lighting Design IdeasModern Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas
Image Source: www.freediyhomeimprovement.com

Another part of layering is ambient lighting. These are usually lights pointing up. These are best for directing the light upwards and slowing the light to bounce off the ceiling along with the entire bathroom. It creates a glow as well as softens the light.

Bathroom LightingBathroom Lighting
Image Source: www.homelightingtips.org

Next comes the accent lighting that gives a spark to the bathroom lighting. Depending upon your needs, you can dim or increase the glare.

To be able to cover every style of bathroom, interior lighting is available. It is you, who can retain the look or just get over it by jazzing up with the best fixtures available in the market.

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