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Decor Accents Dated:  July 6, 2016
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Wall Decor by Interior Designer Deepak Mukati

No one likes staying in a bland or unadorned house. Our eyes always search for at least one piece of uniqueness whenever we see anyone’s home. Then why should we not have some of these décor items at our home itself?

Décor pieces look amazing and can become the attraction of the room in which they are kept. But this can only happen if they are arrnaged and kept in a certain way that blends with the surroundings.

Let me show you a few ideas and designs that we came across:


Candles are no more used to provide light alone. They are used for multiple purposes including as show pieces and to provide fragrance. 

They can be used to enhance the beauty of a bedroom, dining room and even a living room. Sometimes the candle gives the desired look (right image) and at times the whole package of the candle and its stand (left image) do.

Also, if your choice is to have a scented candle then you can be assured that you’ll always find someone lingering around it, appreciating it.

 Decor Ideas Image Source:                                                                              Image Source:


The calm and serene Buddha has been much popular in temples and meditation centers. It has provided such good effects that people have elaborately begun to use his Idols for home décor. The idol has a calming effect on the surroundings and to each one who looks at it. Buddha idols look good when they are carved on wood or grey stone. Having a contrasting background to the idol will give it more emphasis. 

A suggestion: try having a yellow light bulb or small candles around this idol. It would make it look exceptional (as in both the examples).

Wall Decor Ideas Image Source:                                                                                                    Image source:


Masks too are no more used just in theatrical performances. They have begun to adorn the houses of several people and have become quite a favourite among interior decorators. A nice wall mask can give any wall a very deep meaning. Also, hanging it means that you wouldn't need any other accessory. In short, saving on money and at the same time giving a rich look.

Wall DecorImage Source:                                                                  Image Source:


Personally I feel that camels, horses, elephants and all other animals can never go out of fashion. These animals carved in black stone, brass or wood can look eccentric and beautiful. A little hints of color of them can add the zing to complete the look. They are best placed in the living room, the dining room or even in a corridor.

Decor AccessoriesImage Source:                                                                                                     Image Source:


Just like candles, even lanterns do not continue serving just the archaic purpose. They too can be elegant and classy as a home décor item. The example perfectly shows how the lantern can look a pretty embellishment in the night and in the day too (by turning off the lantern, obviously!). 

LanternsImage Source:

Let alone the design, even the way it has been placed on a rich cloth with similar color combination is adding on to make it look fantastic.


Another new trend which is catching up is of long vases. Taller the vase, better it is. Just a single vase can make the entire room look well decorated. You could either go for artificial flowers and branches (as in the left image) or you could go for real ones (as in the right image). It is important to choose the vase, surroundings and the branch and flowers’ color properly. And as always, you could opt for a contrast or a blend.

flower VasesImage Source:                                                                                                     Image Source:

Another small yet interesting aberration is the third example. It is a medium sized vase with a long plant in it. The plant’s size is making the assemble look tall. This one is a perfect picture showing how a single décor item can seize the limelight.

flower VaseImage Source:

Going Abstract:

If you are not the type to want to conform to any of the above mentioned ideas, don't worry you still have Abstract art decor to go with. These could literally be any design of any shape and with any chosen material. And the beauty of abstract is that they can be clubbed together with several other items (center down image) or could be kept alone (center up image). Because either ways, they look stunning. Again the examples I have given are of contrasts and of blends. You could choose either, depending on your style.

Home Decor AccessoriesImage Source:                                                  Image Source:                                   Image Source:

These are but a few remarkable ways to style your home in vogue. The list shall always keep increasing and be inexhaustible. So, keep it going and let us know if you have more ideas to suit this space.

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