A Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse Design Dated:  Jan. 2, 2014
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The burning beacon of the world is running out of fuel, rushing towards the mow of iniquity. We got  so busy, that being the Denizens of this world we now lead lives of quiet desperation, we whisper the song of despondence, and even drink the tears rolling down from a fountain of  endless venom.

We need a place to repose, a place where trees burgeon a shady boon surrounded by greeneries and a pure mixture of refreshing grandeurs. We need a door that opens happiness and the joy of freedom. Sometimes we need a place, an isolation from the crowd and from the daily rush, we indeed need a farmhouse.

A farmhouse is very much similar to a country house, large front porches, gabled roof with a plenty of free space around, it's a classical housing style.

Following are some tips to design a beautiful farmhouse.

  1. The style:- First thing to consider while designing a farmhouse is the style. Farmhouse has a number of different forms, some popular farmhouses are Swiss, Victorian, etc.
  2. Once you select the style of the house you can move on to the location. While choosing the location of your farmhouse you need to keep in mind a few things like where the sun will be in the winter or the view from the windows, etc.
  3. The most important factor is to locate the house as far as possible from the main road. However, consider the factors such as if you stay in a low- lying area you need to take care of flood  precautions.

Essential elements of a farmhouse:


  • Try to include more than one fireplace, you need to have a large kitchen and a wrap around porch.
  • It is always better to furnish your farmhouse with country crafts, handmade items and antique elements to give it a more
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    style and feel. Retro style is a very good option, you can design your kitchen and bathroom with old-fashioned fixtures. 
  • Have a lot of bead board design. Apply this design to the interior walls of your home, bead boards are long, they have narrow strips of wood, and it comes with the flexibility to install either vertically or horizontally.
  • When it comes to the floor design, hardwood is definitely  the best option. Always use sustainable hardwoods, you can use reclaimed wood for an Eco friendly environment. 
  • Do not forget to include a chimney, a chimney is a must in a farmhouse. You can either connect it to the kitchen or to the fireplace.

Basically a farmhouse is built far away from the city in some interior of the city. This place is meant for complete relaxation. You can add a lot of handwork stuff to make your farmhouse look amazing. But always remember before building up a farmhouse have a proper plan, do not ever plunge ahead into a war without keeping your weapons ready. You need to have a lot of discussions with your architect to plan a farmhouse. 

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