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Kitchen Design & Decor Dated:  March 3, 2014
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A kitchen is a space that refers to the heart of the home. It is an area which is used throughout the day and at times even night. No house is complete without it and each family plans for this particular space with a lot of concern and care. It is essential that the kitchen is not only easy to work in and has enough space but how it is decorated and laid out is equally crucial to its functioning and value. 

The moment we think of the walls of a kitchen in India the first things that appear in the mind are the pots and pans along with the indispensable spice box and other such containers. Even the wall art for kitchen is modeled according to these. Yet over the years there have been some changes and now you have a number of options when it comes to decorating your kitchen walls and giving them a modern look.

1.    Decorative Spice Rack
Spices are the life line of Indian kitchen and cannot be dispensed with. The modern market has realized that and come up with a number of styles in which you could display and decorate your kitchen walls with numerous spice holding racks. These racks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The latest fad being the ones with magnet jars and bottles filled with spices. These spice holders create a rather colorful wall decoration

2.    Wood panels
Wood panels on the walls are another modern wall décor item. These wooden panels can be ordered with certain holders in place and can be customized as per the customer preference. All you need is to measure the wall and the area and decide what type and placing of holders you would prefer. Quite often these can be created with intricate

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giving them a rather exotic look.

3.    Vinyl wall lettering
This is another innovative idea that is fast catching the fancy of home owners. You can chose the lettering and create messages, quotes, kitchen rules, regulations and what not. Just make sure that the coloring of the letters goes with the color theme of the kitchen and its walls. These letters are removable and can be taken off and renewed or changed as and when desired. 

4.    Shelf display
Shelves have long been associated with kitchen walls. Only when it comes to the modern style, they happen to be with clear and concise lines and have a rather pristine look. The modern kitchen is all about ease of handling and usage first and foremost. Yet, surprisingly enough these rather austere and simple concoctions can be rather appealing to the eye as well as being extremely user friendly.

There are homes which are using an entire kitchen wall for creating tastefully done shelves. These shelves can be done in various color schemes and the wall at the back of the shelf can be covered with your choice of wall paper, paint or even poster cutouts.

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