Design Inspiration - 14 Stylish and Modern Office Designs

Office Design & Decor Dated:  Dec. 23, 2015
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Modern Office Design Ideas by Ar. Rajesh Patel

Gone are the days when office interiors looked sophisticated and formal.The common belief was that a serious looking environment was essential to keep the employees focused. But with changing times, we too have started looking at things with a different perspective. Many companies have successfully shown that unconventional and wacky office interiors can actually result in better productivity, stimulate minds and bring out remarkable innovations. The employees are saved from the mundanity  as the air is filled with cheer and charm, which in turn helps to retain  their concentration on work.

Hence, with intense work pressure on the employees, it is necessary to provide them with an ambience that will act as a booster to increase productivity. Some inspiring ultra modern office designs with the distinctive facilities are shown below.

1.  Awesome-looking Reception Area:

Microsoft IDC officeMicrosoft IDC office, Bengaluru Designed by Dsp Design Associates Pvt Ltd

This reception area  brimming with bright colours and opulent ceiling lights shows how a place like office can be turned into an  experience in itself. Not to be missed is  the use of greenery to add  life to the space.

Modern seating lounge designModern seating lounge Designed by Dsp Design Associates Pvt Ltd

The lounge area, again, is created with sliding glass doors and funky, bright coloured decor to keep dullness away.

2. Minimalist Cabin Design:

Office cabin designOffice cabin designed by Interior Designer Anish Motwani Associates

Minimalism can do wonders at times. With least and sleek decor, colours selected meticulously to fit in a small area, gives the cabin a simple yet stylish look.

3. Rich Shades of Brown - Office Interior:

Waiting Room DesignWaiting Room Designed by Interior Designer Minakshi Mohite

An office interior made rich with shades of  brown on contrasting light coloured floors -gives a bold statement. The boxy sofas adds to the chic look of the office.

4. Wooden Furnished Office Interior:

modern craetive office design ideasModern Craetive office design ideas
Image source:

An office inspired by the nature gives a woody touch to the desks.

Modernity for some, in present time is in going back to the rawness we once had in our life.

5. Trendy Office Interior:

modern office of flash designModern office of flash design
Image source:

An old warehouse is turned into a trendy office space with out of the box innovative ideas. The virtual  floors are created in a park  slide fashion by utilising the excess vertical space available in the warehouse.

4. Black and White Stripes -  Meeting Room:

Meeting Room Decor IdeasMeeting Room Decor Ideas
Image source:

Sharp black and white stripes on the walls in combination with vibrant green floors gives a spacious look to the interiors. The black and white furniture set against a similar colour combination creates a  sense of continuity.

5.  Office inspired by the sea waves and the surfboards:

office furniture designOffice furniture design
Image source:

An office inspired by the sea waves and the surfboards  makes the furniture an architecture marvel.Boring cubicles are given a miss. Instead ,the glossy wave structure is used to give privacy and storage space.

6. Unconventional Office Interiors:

Unconventional Office InteriorsUnconventional Office Interiors
Image source:

 Employees are at complete ease in this office. The unconventional design of the work table and the rejuvenating environment created by the potted plants provides a calm and comfortable ambience which is vital for a  work force to be efficient and focused.

7. Classy Office Interior:

modern office space ideasModern office space ideas
Image source:

This office design is an exemplary work of art. With floor lamp gracefully bowing down to the  sleek and slender  tables, the cabin oozes the perfect look of a contemporary office styled in a minimalist way.

8. Out of the box Office Interior:

Office Cabin FurnitureOffice Cabin Furniture
Image source:

A work station which reminds us of the adventurous trip in a ropeway cable car.

A well thought idea to keep the employees focused to the work. The  charming pendant lamps and the randomly painted glass doors are elements that impart a cheerful look to the space.

9. Effecient Office Space utlization:

open meeting room with natural lightingopen meeting room with natural lighting
Image source:

An open meeting room with slanted wood bars, a mini lounge area and an expansive work station, all standing on a playground inspired flooring - an exemplary model that exhibits efficient space usage.

11. Minimalist Lounge Design:

Minimalist Lounge DesignMinimalist Lounge Design
Image source:

A minimalist office lounge design with the perfect blend of colours. The poshness of the rich red seats is well combined with the cheerful green on the walls.

12. Simple and Elegant Work Station:

Simple and Elegant Work StationSimple and Elegant Work Station
Image source:

Breaking away from the regular wooden cubicle, this office has tried some thing new and stunning. The work tables are created in bench model with low black frames to separate one table from the other. The black lacquered frame used to separate one  team/department  from the other adds to the minimalist stylish look of the interior.

13. Spacious and Stylish Office Design:

Stylish Office Design IdeasStylish Office Design Ideas
Image source:

A work area done in a simplest yet classy manner.There isn't any thing unique in the design of decor, but the diligent use of colours for the furniture and the carpet, perfectly complimenting the floor has made this office set up an inspiration for the designers.

14. White Office:

White OfficeWhite Office Decor
Image source:

Yet another minimalist interior design for an ultra modern look. The office, with minimum decor is sunk in the royalty and poshness of white surrounding.

Remember, the one very important factor that makes the work force loyal to the organisation is the atmosphere they are made to work in. So, make sure you provide them with a good one!

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