4 Modern Office Interior Design Ideas

Office Design & Decor Dated:  Oct. 13, 2016
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Office Interiors by Ar. Morphogenesis

With the upcoming modern times many a things have evolved. And one of them is the “office space”!!

Office in itself was soo monotonous &tiring by the very sound of it but not anymore. The pep-genre of working class believes in innovation in the spaces of work as well.

Let me help you with some cool & off the charts office interior ideas for you too to innovate!

Things to remember:-

  • Before opting for fancy furniture take into consideration the age groups working in your office.
  • If you have a smaller space then you can choose to opt for furniture that can be folded into a smaller package
  • A bigger space needn’t necessarily mean that you fill it with excessive furniture. Sometimes less furniture also makes the place look fab!!

Let’s get started…

Conventional ‘Work Station’ Culture:

conventional work-desk cultureConventional Work-desk Culture
Image Source: www.zircointerior.com.au

The conventional work-desk culture has also gone through tonnes of modifications over the years to suit individual needs. The partitions can be eliminated for better interaction & more open offices.

This system also encourages the dissolution of power ranks & lets the boss sit next to the employees.

Conference Room:

Conference RoomConference Room
Image Source: www.retaildesignblog.net

The main place in any office is the conference room – also the most tiring & scary……so why not make it fun?! Make it the centre of your office. Install glass to make it see-through & interesting.

Casual Work Place:

Casual Work PlaceCasual Work Place
Image Source: www.allianceinteriors.ca
Modern Office Interior DesignModern Office Interior Design
Image Source: www.home-designing.com

Just a few chairs & a table can make your place go from a serious place to a more casual atmosphere. This style will de-clutter your interiors & give you more open space.

Moreover these furniture can be paired up random partitions & interiors to give you a colourful yet sober décor.

New-Age “Open-Offices”:

open office designOpen Office Design
Image Source: www.interioranddecor.ocasus.com
Office Interiors DesignsOffice Interiors Designs
Image Source: www.officeinteriorok.com

An open space can be transformed from an empty vessel to a pop-up office overnight. A few pieces of individual furniture can be set-up for easy re-arrangement of the place. Mis-match within the furniture is the key to making the statement with this décor.

Any space can transform into one another; for instance a waiting lounge area with sofas could be used by the employees for work too. Simple in look but efficient & multi-functional, these office types will make you love your office & want to go there often.

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