Modern Row House Design

General Dated:  Aug. 18, 2014
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Originating from the West originally, Row houses are those suburban delights that were so named because they were always in neat little rows, each house sharing a wall. Neat little houses with a terraced roof and a picture perfect backyard, these have been generalized as the houses of the working class in various parts of the world. The trend, which started in France, went on to become a part of the culture of most of America, both North and South, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and so on. However, it is now considered a major competitor for picture-postcard style houses in India, in places where people are letting go of the idea of apartments and settling down in houses that allow more space. Let us explore some of the popular row house designs that are being fallen in love with as we speak!

1)    The beauty of row houses lies in their uniformity and their geometric designs. Uber-modern cities like Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad are showing signs of these lovely houses, increasing exponentially! Row houses are best done in the simplest way possible, and this is the quintessential straight-laced look, some would call it. The exterior can be done in plain-Jane paints like white or pastels. Like most paint companies show us, Yellow is an extremely popular choice when it comes to home exteriors. The exteriors of Row houses can also be done up in a brick or stone finish, which cranks up the élan of your home several notches.

2)    Roofs are an important aspect to be taken into consideration when we’re talking about Row House exteriors. Many years ago, I was going through a catalogue at the time of buying our second property and I came across these Row houses built in a multi-million INR project, which were called Eco

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The roofs of these row houses were topped with impeccably pruned grass. The builders claimed that the grass would keep the houses cool all summer. The idea is tempting, isn’t it? Peaks can also be placed on the roofs of these houses to make the houses look like tiny chapels cushioned with one another. The roof can be made with other amazing elements like slate, stone, brick or metal. Pretty is key in case of a row house!

3)    Postcard houses? Maybe by the beach! Maybe overlooking a plain. Where you can sit on your porch and watch the sun set. We need a porch, no matter how small. A sitting area is desired in a beautiful house like this. Have even a cane tea table, and you’re set! Wrought iron or Marble works as well, if the bucks aren’t an issue. Enjoy the sights and sounds with your loved ones in this cosy space.

4)    Sidewalk! A stone sidewalk not only looks pretty, but also shouts out country home. Have a backyard, and let your kids run all they like. Baby and child proofing, of course, is recommended and necessary as well.

5)    Potted plants and a lovely

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complete the look of your beautiful row house. Turn yourself into Mister or Miss Green Fingers after you’ve fashioned your dream home with your own idea of gardening. We suggest keeping it neat always, which helps you have a lovely, creative hobby and making your house an idyllic environment for happiness to thrive. Win-win, don’t you think?

Share your Row House decorating ideas with us in the comments below!

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