13 Modern Wall Decor Ideas

Wall Decor Dated:  Feb. 2, 2016
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Family Portrait Wall Design Ideas

Decorating the interiors is never complete with those walls left bare. Walls pose such great canvases that can breathe new life to your rooms. Things that once used to be utility items, now come in such  designs and styles that can beat the best of the conventional wall decors. There are some that has been in trend for years and some that you can get it custom- made. Searching for some good Inspirations? You will get it here.

1. Wall clocks

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Clocks are one of the essentials item that no house can miss out. We might have numerous devices that tell us time, but nothing can take the place of a big clock hanging on the walls.
Choose one that blends with the rest of the decor and the theme of the room.

2. Birthday Reminder

decorative family birthday reminderDecorative family Birthday Reminder
Image source: modishspace.com

Can't remember birthdays? Considering that forgetting birthdays can land you in troubles at times, go for a annual calendar you can hang on the walls that gives you the option of adding more to the list while making for a cute wall decor.

3. Appetising dining room walls

Dining Room Wall DecorDining Room Wall Decor
Image source: https://img0.etsystatic.com/032/0/8091192/il_fullxfull.655835174_gr7p.jpg

Not just the food, the dining place too needs to give a silent invitation to the guests. Make it a more happening place with wooden board cut outs that will increase  their appetite.

4. Honey comb wall storage design

There is a beauty when things go round. If linear arrangement of shelves bore you, go round on them. Create honey comb storage design,( looks best in wood) and fill it with things you love to flaunt.

wall storage design ideaWall storage design idea
Image source: www.worldmarket.com

5. Wall plates

wall plates decorWall plates decor
Image source: www.lilypadcottage.com

Give your exquisite collection of plates a better place than the crockery shelves. Decorate them on the walls to give them attention they deserve.

6. Mirrors as wall decors

decorative wall mirror
Decorative wall mirror
Image source: eljahome.com

Mirrors are no more  just reflectors. They can make excellent wall decors and with the ever increasing range of designs, you are sure to get something that will go with your style. All you need is time- to go for a mirror shopping.

7. 2D decor

Wall Decoration IdeaWall Decoration Idea
Image source: www.decorreport.com

Plain walls can become attractive with a little play of brush and colours. Do it yourself if there is a Picasso or Hussain inside you or get it done professionally.  It need not be always a 3D  figure.

8. Painting

One of the best and the oldest ways of filling up the wall is with painting. With time, our views about art may change, but it will never die down. For those who are true art lovers, there is nothing better than a masterpiece art to beautify your walls.

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9. Family tree

Family means everything to us. Whether they are with us or away, they are never out of our mind. Don't let them go out of your sight as well. Create a wall tree where each of your loved ones gets a fitting place.

Family Portrait Wall design ideasFamily Portrait Wall design ideas
Image source: www.listinspired.com

10. Wall writing

wall hand writing wishesWall hand writing wishes
Image source: www.teagh.com

Make the walls your constant motivation. Fill them up with words that will lift your hearts from all lows.

11. Place for essentials

wall decorating ideasWall decorating idea
Image source: www.decor4all.com

Why to keep your priced possession hidden in the closet when your walls are happy to flaunt them? Whether its your priceless camera, the hat you bought last summer or the satchel gifted to you, your wall has space for them all. You just have to find the right walls.

12. Candle holders

wall decor candle holdersWall decor candle holders
Image source: hngideas.com

As is evident by now, walls can be beautified with the very essentials of a house. All we need to know is how. Candles, which are an inevitable element of any house, can brighten up the walls with a trendy candle holder.

13. Vertical garden/green walls

For those passionate nature lovers, seeing green in front of their eyes is absolute happiness.
There is nothing more pleasing to them to see growing and flourishing . Walls of the living room, where we spend most of our time, can be turned into an indoor vertical garden.

The green wall is a nourishing medium with soil and has integrated water delivery system to keep them growing.

Vertical garden green wallsVertical garden green walls
Image source: butterist.com

The list doesn't end here. Take some ideas and twist it to your taste and you are up to make some stunning walls!!

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