Awesome Design Ideas and Tips to create your ideal Modular Kitchen

Kitchen Design & Decor Dated:  Oct. 19, 2015
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Modular Kitchen Design Idea by Ar. Arbaysis Ashley

As the population and purchasing power of the Indian middle class has been increasing rapidly, there has been a change in lifestyle and consumer demand as well. As a result the spending on the interiors of the houses and also the importance given to it has increased considerably. Kitchen being a special space in the house, the urban consumers these days don't hestitate to spend money to make it look modern, stylish and classy – modular kitchen concept is a great solution for such consumers who prefer trendy and peppy kitchens.

For those who do not know what modular kitchen is, let me quickly give a simple explanation -  a modular kitchen ensures convenience, functionality and also contemporary look. A modular kitchen is built with pre-made cabinet parts - floor units, wall units and tall storage units and also counter tops. Modular kitchen also usually consists of internal accessories, electro gadgets such as chimney, built-in oven, hob, grill, diswasher, refrigerator and other gadgets.

modular kitchenModular Kitchen, Designed by the BNK Group

If you are planning to get a modular kitchen installed, here are some design ideas and tips. 

Island Kitchen

Island KitchenIsland Kitchen Designed by Interior Designer Kapil Aggarwal

Island kitchen is a current trend. If you have a large kitchen space, island shape is ideal as it enables 2 or more people to cook together in the kitchen and also ensures more storage space. It also gives a stylish and peppy look to your kitchen. 

L-shape Kitchen

L-shape KitchenL-shape Kitchen Designed by Architect Benny Kuriakose

L-shape is built with two planes placed at 90 degree angle. This layout helps in better arrangement of storage and appliances. Counter space becomes uncluttered. L-shaped kitchen is space-saving compared to C or U-shaped kitchens and is nearly as efficient as them. 

U Shape Kitchen

U Shape KitchenU Shape Kitchen Designed by Interior Designer Suneil Verma

The advantage of U-shaped kitchen is that it provides a large storage space as the cabinets are fixed across 3 walls and it also offers huge counter space. Make sure that 4 feet of minimum working area available in the center of the kitchen. 

Straight Kitchen

Straight KitchenStraight Kitchen

This is an ideal choice for small homes. In this model, cabinets are fixed along a single wall and cooking and washing areas also designed along the same wall. 

Parallel Kitchen

Parallel KitchenParallel Kitchen, Designed by Architect Meghana Shetty

The parallel kitchen layout consists of 2 parallel counters. Parallel kitchens are small, compact and efficients and as a result essential appliances and accessories remain well organized and accessible. 

Tips to create your ideal modular kitchen 

  • Right Selection - Do not end up blindly selecting a kitchen design you see in the showroom, understand your needs and choose any of the above layout options as per the availability of space. The biggest advantage of modular kitchen is the self-customization option that it provides.
  • Lighting - Light up your kitchen with proper lightings at the right spots. Don't leave the cabinets dark, lighting inside them is essential. Creating a false ceiling is also recommended.
Modern Kitchen DesignModern Kitchen Design by Architect Milind Pai
  • Countertops – you have options like granite, wooden, quartz and limestone. Granite is an ideal choice for modular kitchens as it looks attractive and it's also durable. But, granite is expensive. If you prefer a traditional look then go for wooden, but remember it is prone to scratches. The advantage of quartz is that it is scratch and heat resistant. Black limestone is budget-friendly.
  • Colours – using light colors will make your kitchen look spacious but make sure that the colors you choose for your kitchen match with the accessories. If you have a spacious kitchen you can experiment with bold colors like blue, orange, red etc. Remember to consider flooring when you work out the color combinations.
Modular Kitchen Design Ideas           Modular Kitchen Design Ideas by Architect Sameer Panchal
  • Sink – make sure that refrigerator, sink and hob are located close to each other. Stainless steel and porcelain sinks are recommended for modular kitchens as both are durable and also easy to clean.
  • Flooring – ceramic tile flooring is recommended as there are a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, moreover they are budget-friendly. Other options are laminate and vinyl, both look appealing at modular kitchens.
Kitchen cabinetKitchen cabinet Design by Architect Amit Khanna
  • Cabinets – the most important part of a modular kitchen is the cabinets. Make sure that you choose ones that are heat, scratch and water resistant. Mild steel cabinet is recommended. Wooden cabinets are also a good option but they need regular polishing. Other options are PVC, glass or metal cabinets.
  • Wall Tiles – using large tiles will make your kitchen look spacious. Walls must be attractive and stain-resistant. Ceramic wall tiles are the best option for Indian modular kitchens as they are easy to clean and maintain. The other option recommended option is stainless steel tiles – they are cost-effective and stain-resistant.
Modular KitchenModular Kitchen Designed Idea by Interior Designer Puran Attavar
  • Furniture – bring in the right set of attractive furniture to spice up your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, use a metal dining table, that'll make your kitchen look bigger. Have small wooden or metal stools as you may need them to take rest while cooking. If you have a large kitchen, creating a dining area by having attractive dining table and chairs won't be a bad idea.

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