Most common home decor issues

Decor Tips Dated:  Jan. 20, 2014
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At any given time at least 70 percent people are thinking of changing their home decor. While some are contemplating the change out of necessity, most are thinking of it out of a desire for a better looking and more appealing home. Be it redecorating a single room or decorating the entire house, in most cases what seems to threaten the very idea, is the fear of making mistakes and ending up ruining or messing up their home decor dreams.

Come to think of it, it isn't all that difficult to get the desired results if you could steer clear of the most common home decor issues:

Water Damage - Let us face it

Most common problem in majority of Indian houses is the water damage. Damp walls and peeling layers of paint are a common site in even the most well to do homes. Make sure you find the culprit - leaky pipes and areas vulnerable to the cruelties of Nature. The material covering your roofs ages with time and often allows water intrusion.

Exposed Wiring

Ever come across homes with wires running from the roof, over the walls and just scattered over the floor? You find this problem in some or the other shape in most houses. Though the houses that are coming up now are keeping this in mind; most houses built even a decade ago can be seen to be struggling with these issues. All it needs is a wire casing or proper covering and it doesn't even cost much.

Wrong painting choices

People often go for their favorite shades when they are doing their homes. You must have come across homes that have gone for darker colors on the walls. While there is nothing wrong with using colors of your choice, one needs to be a little careful while using such radical schemes. It is alright to set off a portion of the room with a dark shade but using dark shades in a poorly lit room or an area that hardly gets any sunlight can make it look rather dark and dreary. So think before you paint.

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Poor furniture arrangement

A lot can be achieved by simply arranging and rearranging the furniture. You can not only create space but can even change the look and feel of a space in your home by simply placing the pieces in a thoughtful manner. Just look at that room and work out the numerous ways you could rearrange it and get the max out of both the looks and space.

Too much or too little

Very often the problem lies in the clutter that is spoiling both the beauty and taking up valuable space. In the same vein there are times when some spaces in your home can appear to be bare and have too much open space. Just be on your guard against both extremes. Follow the middle path and keep it well placed and artsy.

Following someone else's ideas of what you should do

Hardly sounds like an issue. But just be honest and give it a How many times have you been influenced by others' ideas of what your home should and could look like? I guarantee that if it isn't people then it is the latest home decor fads and trends that are impacting your decision. Well, snap out of it my dear and take another look with your own likes, dislikes, preferences and styles in place. Now decide with an open and uncluttered mind what you would like to have.

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