Mr. Sharma's Home embraces the Zen style approach

The Story of My Home Dated:  April 12, 2014
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The house was designed for a Chandigarh based NRI couple. The style is very contemporary like modern day houses – very minimalist with straight lines. The décor has been kept minimal and chic as per client’s requirements. Since both husband and wife were working, they were yearning for a home which is complete in itself- a home that requires least maintenance.

The walls are usually donned in lighter hues and most of the upholstery is kept dark. Since they have kids who were prone to clutter the space every now and then, they preferred a style that is adaptable. And hence was this.

Here are few stills from the house.

The Living Room

Spruced up in subtle colors, the living room is spacious yet warm and welcoming. The floor is gussied up with lavish rugs in matching colors. The upholstery and curtains strike a contrast with the furniture.

Home Bar

A cozy space is carved out for the Home Bar which is equipped with ample storage. 

Dining Area

One of the walls in the Dining area is mirrored; this has been done to create an illusion of space. 

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is comfy and warm with dark colored walls and curtains around. Also, the tall glass windows open up to provide a nice view outside.

Kids Bedroom

The Kids bedroom is incorporated with a neat wooden bunk bed with racks. 

Design Courtesy: Ninisha Ojha

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