Mughal architecture in the contemporary world

Regional Architecture & Interiors Dated:  Dec. 31, 2013
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Some people can see the whole world in a tiny grain of sand, and can live an eternity in the blink of an eye. The legacy of whose soul echoes down the ages. Such people become a legend, or they become immortal. 

The intrusion of Mughal empire has brought significant historical changes in the world of art and architecture. The unsung heroes of Persia  constructed several monuments of significance and finally they  reached their peak after building the Taj. Now long after their death we still remember them for their work and their immense contribution in the field of art and architecture.

In this article we try to convey the message, how their rich legacy still finds its way in modern homes and contemporary design- about Mughal interiors.

Paintings:  What do you think a painting is ? Well it's a visual language. Mughal paintings depicted some events from emperor's life. The paintings celebrated the joy of festivals. Now you must be thinking how the Mughal  Art and Painting reflect the contemporary work of architecture. 

The Mughal paintings tell us something of what the interiors of Mughal buildings looked like. They were basically made out of either red sandstone or white marbles.

The Marble work.

The Taj Mahal is the inspiration of many young architects. Every young heart who dreams to be an architect foresee to be the mind behind a beautiful monument like the Taj. The design of the Taj is an important perceptual structure for every architect in India. 

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The Marble work which significantly originated from the Mughal days,  is now an important part of modern day architecture. In earlier times the marble work was more popular in museums, traditional buildings like the King's palace, etc.  Due to the availability of modern technology the marble cutting and shaping is more  easy now and hence cheap, thereby making it available to the common people.

mughal.png (Image credit

Marble is a good choice for table-tops . It provides a good look and  a unique design.

Marble flooring is very common these days. Installing marble on your floor can add beauty and an aura of elegance to your room. With a variety of choices in color and design, you can choose the perfect marble tile that suits your home.


The modern furnishing style is quite different from the Mughal days. During those days the Indians always preferred to on the floor rather than on chairs and sofas. So they used to cover up the floor with  embroidered carpets.  

Nowadays most people do not choose to  sit on the floor; we prefer modern furniture like the sofa from Zuari, etc. But the legacy still continues; we may not sit on the floor quite often but we do decorate our floor with beautiful embroidered carpets.

Mughal Architecture:

Have you ever walked down the streets of Hauz Khas  in Delhi? If yes, you must have noticed some of the old buildings in Mughal style. Mughal architecture,  blends Islamic and Hindu building traditions which is still followed in the country. They preferred open pillar halls to enclosed rooms such that as much air could enter and circulate inside the room.  

The Royal wedding style is becoming very popular these days,  specially among the film stars. Your wedding day is the day that you would cherish for a  lifetime. So if you wish to plan your wedding in a palace which has some sort of historical significance (like the Pataudi Palace ), what could be  better than to plan your wedding in Mughal style. 

Mughal Gardens:

Delhi being the heart of the nation is also the

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of Mughal Architectural canopy. The Mughal Garden located inside the Rashtrapati Bhawan complex is a symbol of excellent art and floral gallery. We all wish to have a garden like this in our home, although this is a  stargaze for most of us, yet we can at least cherish the beauty of it. 

It is indeed the aroma and fragrance of Mughal Gardens that floats on the air like a feather and enters through the small pores of our nose, probably a reason why we wish to have a grand garden in front of our sweet home.  

Some ideas can transform a house into a home. It is not always that the stones  and the bricks  keep a house stand tall over the ages, but it is love that metamorphoses  a house into a beautiful  home. We at "ZingyHomes" belief that Beauty resides in a beautiful mind, so brush aside all the dust that abuses your own soul. And your very existence shall contribute a verse. A verse that would be known, as a bohemian poesy whose eloquence shall attract a very large congregation, and it shall find you a place in a home where you would repose with the disciples of "one-mankind" and shall feel the true joy of being home.

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