10 Must- have bathroom accessories

Bathroom Interiors Dated:  Dec. 4, 2015
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Indoor plants

Furnishing the bathroom of your newly constructed house or furnishing an old one is as important as furnishing any other rooms in the house. Its a space where you unwind yourself and wash away the day's tiredness and hence should always  be  organised and  easy to maintain. Though bathrooms can be highly customised and designed according to individual preferences, certain accessories are never to be missed out.

Here are 10 Must have bathroom accessories to make your bathroom and your life look beautiful and organised.

1. Bath rug:

Aena Handmade Cotton Bathroom MatsBuy Aena Handmade Cotton Bathroom Mats

Unlike other rooms of the house, bathroom begin to look quite dirty and unattended easily. This also makes the entire space around the bathroom slippery and messy. Bathroom mats or  bath rugs can be of great use here. With  fabulous designs and patterns- there's one to match each one's requirement. Most of them are made of anti -skid, super absorbent materials that are east to use and  dry up  easily.

2. Mirrors:

Bathroom MirrorBathroom mirror design by Ar. Arbaysis Ashley

No bathroom is complete without a mirror. Be it small or big, a luxurious or an austere one, every bathroom deserves a mirror.  Mirror comes in umpteen variety, models, sizes and shapes. Always choose one which matches your bathroom size and definitely, your style. The bathroom  can be turned into a well crafted space with  opulent mirrors. Photoframes can flank the mirrors to give it a more complete and elagant look.

3. Liquid soap dispenser and brush holders:

Liquid soap dispenserLiquid soap dispenser and brush holders
Image source: eliexpress.com

These are some of the basic accessories that are unavoidable in a bathroom yet can reflect your fashion sense. These are available  in a wide range of materials ( from ceramics to stone or wood ), varied textures and designs and can be either wall mounted or placed on  countertops.

4. Tissue Box cover:

Tissue Box coverTissue Box cover
Image source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/226094843764963847/

Tissues are  one basic and unavoidable thing in our bathroom. Things as simple as these tissues can add elegance to your bathroom when kept in appropriate tissue cases or covers. These  are available in almost all materials you can possibly think of -wooden, ceramic, marble, steel-you name it and its right there. Buy according to the look you want to give to your bathroom and its sure to fetch you some compliements.

5. Hair catchers:

Hair catchersHair catchers
Image Source: danco.com

Normal hairfall, as known to all, is something we really cannot do much about. Even more annoying is to see those fallen hair strands floating all around on the bathroom floors and clogging the drain holes. This can be prevented to some extent by sticking a Hair catcher.

This tiny piece of strainer or hair catcher can be of great use if you are among those who are fed up with cleaning the bathroom floor off the fallen hair. This will prevent water from clogging in the bathroom drain plus these  come in cool, funky colours. So, say yes to clean bathrooom floors.

6. Towel bars:

Towel barsTowel bars
Image source: signaturehardware.com

Towel bars are another bathroom essentials which can totally reflect your style.  Available in different  materials and models, these can be either be mounted on the wall or used as a complete cloth stand if large enough.

7. Air freshner dispenser:

Air freshner dispenserAir freshner dispenser
Image source: diytrade.com

Bathrooms are meant to refresh you after a long tiring day you had at work or give you a fresh start to keep you light and fresh throughout the day.  What else than a good bath time immersed in aromatic air all around can get you that. Air freshner dispenser is therefore a vital element to have a great bath experience. No matter how tiring your day has been, a breeze of that fragnance can lift up your mood.

8. Bathroom organisers:

Bathroom organisersBathroom organisers
Image source: goodhousekeeping.com

These compact, classy organiser can prove to be a real companion when you have so much cosmetics products on your wash counter and   dont really want to show how messy you are. Hang it on the wall or place it on the corner of your wash counter -and you are ready  to show how addicted you are to neatness.

9. Waste basket for bath:

Waste basket for bathWaste basket for bath
Image source: sigoja.com

Your meticulously crafted and  opulent bathroom should always stay the way you wanted it. Wrappers, used cosmetics bottles, hair strands -nothing should take away the sheen of your stylish bathroom that reflect your taste and class. Therefore, it is essential to have a waste basket to keep away all the litter. Be careful in choosing one for the bathroom. Do not  go for something which is gets easily spoiled on exposure to water.

10. Indoor plants:

Indoor plantsIndoor plants
Image source: lushomes.com

We all agree that in this ultramodern city life, we all miss being close to nature. And that is  pretty much the  reason we have all started growing plants at our home. Having a piece of greenery in the bathroom also can give us immense sense of  tranquility, whether we acknowledge it or not. Keep a potted plant on the floor close to a source of natural light (not necessary, since most indoor plants are well adapted to artificial light) or on a stool at the corner of the bathroom or on the countertop -the ways are endless, and you can feel the warmth of nature right in your bathroom.

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