5 Essential Pieces of Furniture Required in Your First Apartment

Furniture Dated:  June 3, 2016
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Dining furniture

First home is like dream home and decorating the first home is like dream come true for all of us. You may have thought of many designing ideas for your first home and may be waiting to implement them soon but there are certain pieces of furniture that are very important for any home and must be part of your home designing plan. You can surely play with colors or bring in a new look by adding special touch with artifacts and lighting but before that you will have to source the furniture mentioned below to form the base of your décor.

Bedroom decorating ideaBedroom decorating idea
Image Source: worldcraftindustries.com

1. Sofa 

Sofa would not be the bare essential but to start living comfortably, you surely need a place to relax as a family or to entertain the guests. Sofa set forms the essential furniture part of your living room and would make the place comfortable and cozy. Those who have bought the new place and are looking for more utility may opt for sofa cum bed as this will serve the dual purpose and would work as extra bed if you have guests staying overnight. Lounger or recliner chair may work as an additional comfort in your living room.

sofa set designsofa set design
Image Source: worldcraftindustries.com

2. Bed with mattress

Beds come in different sizes and designs. You can select from single, double, or multi-level beds depending on your family needs. Any sort of bed would be of no use if it is not accompanied by appropriate mattress. There are mattresses made out of foam, spring, memory foam, and coir to address different needs of the users. You can take the professional help to select the mattress as the comfort while sleeping is offered by the mattress and not the bed!

bedding design ideaBedding design idea
Image Source: worldcraftindustries.com

3. Wardrobe 

Storage needs are very crucial to keep all the essential stuff in place. The wardrobe in bedroom would keep your clothes protected and sorted. Unless you put the wardrobe in place, you won’t get settled in your new home. Wardrobe is the bare essential and you may get it designed as per your storage needs. Your task doesn’t end at buying the wardrobe as you will have to arrange it soon to settle in your new home.

Wardrobe designWardrobe design
Image Source: pixabay.com

4. Dining Set

Dining set may not be the furniture without which you would not be able to start your life in the new home but it is required to have peace of mind while having your meals. Mealtime is the family time and if you don’t have dining set big enough to accommodate your entire family then it is no fun. To begin with, you can have kitchen table that can accommodate one or two members for quick meal.

Dining SetDining Set
Image Source: pixabay.com

5. Cabinets and cupboards

Apart from having a wardrobe in your room, you will require more storage for other household needs like crockery, books, shoes, and many things that you may not even have in mind. Get movable cabinets and cupboards for this miscellaneous storage needs to stay sorted and organized.

Cabinets and cupboardsCabinets and cupboards
Image Source: pixabay.com

Above 5 things are essentials to enjoy comfortable living, but besides these you will need many other things as well to give the designer touch to the entire décor. 

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