10 Must- have kitchen gadgets

Kitchen Design & Decor Dated:  Dec. 7, 2015
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Kitchen Accessories Design by: Ar.Prasanraj Jain

Delicious food can  bring smile on your face irrespective of how your day has gone and its no secret that for a  perfect recipe, kitchen tools are as important as the ingredients that go into the making. Here are 10 Must -have, basic kitchen gadgets  you will need in your cookhouse to try your hand at cooking.

1. Measuring cups and spoons:

Measuring cups and spoonsMeasuring cups and spoons

Measuring cups and spoons are of utmost importance while working in the kitchen as we all know how disastrous our cuisines can turn out when we go wrong with the proportions especially when we are baking. We spend time collecting all the required ingredients and one wrong measurement -and all our efforts go down the drain.

2. Chef's knife:

Chef's knifeChef's knife
Image source: cutleryandmore.com

Chef's knife is another inevitable tool that every kitchen should have. Whether its breakfast, lunch, tea time snacks or dinner, knives can hardly be missed out. Chef's knives give  that perfect finish  to your  cutting and chopping which no food processor or vegetable cutter can give.

3. Can opener:

Can openerCan opener
Image source: globeequipment.com

We all love using canned food products for the ease it gives  (even when we know that they are  a big 'no no' for a healthy life style). Opening 'Can' can be a painstaking work and at times we end up hurting our fingers with its sharp edges. A Can Opener can be a real saviour in such situations. The seal comes out really neat and smooth with these can openers and there is hardly any chance of getting hurt.

4. Peeler:

Image source: thekitchn.com

Peeler is a very good companion of  chefs (chefs at home) as it neatly peels of the skin of the vegetables or fruits and it comes in different forms. Peeling with a normal knife can be frustrating and one cannot peel it off  as neatly as with a peeler. It can also be used to get very thin long shavings of the vegetables which is often required in garnishing or giving a final touch to your mouth watering recipes.

5. Grater:

Image source: aliexpress.com

What can be more delicious than a cheese topping on your favourite omelette or pizza? But for that you need a grater that shreds it really thin and small.  There are different kinds of graters available (also known as shredders)  -box grater which collects the food inside, nutmeg grater, zest grater and so on. These also prove extremely useful in reducing the cooking time since grated foods cook faster than cut or chopped ones. Indeed, you will realise that graters are of great use once you start using it.

6. Kitchen shears:

Kitchen shearsKitchen shears
Image source: wikihow.com

Kitchen shears are yet another inevitable kitchen tool. Unlike normal scissors, these are more sturdy and versatile. It may have teeth for opening jars and bottles along with the blades meant for cutting leafy veggies, soft bones of poultry etc. Pruning herbs in your kitchen garden can also be accomplished with great ease.
Care has to be taken while selecting kitchen shears. Make sure that its not too large or clumsy for using  and at the same time do not fail to serve the purpose you want it for. 

7. Peppermill:

Image source: paulsfinest.com

We all agree that there's nothing like homemade food. We also believe that fresh ingredients make the finest food (Atleast, some of us do)and prefer to cut, chop, grind things just in time. One such task is  grinding pepper. Ground pepper loses its flavour and freshness  when stored for a long time. Peppermill or pepper crusher is an excellent tool to help you  grind the pepper -whether you want in coarse or fine. There are also certain other items like dried mushrooms, coffee beans, tortilla chips for salsa that can be ground in this multi-utility grinder.
This pepper crusher is of great use for all those who like to keep it fresh and flavourful .

8. Mortar and pestle:

Mortar and pestleMortar and pestle
Image source: yourhomewizards.com

Mortar and pestle has been playing a pivotal role in our grandma's kitchen. Even today some of us still believe in the magical flavour it infuses into the raw spices. Mortar and pestle is apt when you have to grind or crush spices or herbs in less quantity. Be it  dry spices like peppercorns and cardamom, herbs like rosemary, thyme or raw spices like garlic or ginger, mortar and pestle can do it all. So, for people who are trying to make that perfect finger licking recipes from your grandma's cookbook, this is a must have.

9. Whisks:

Image source: commons.wikimedia.org

Whisking is an art in itself. Whisks are highly recommended kitchen tool, especially if you have someone really passionate about baking at home.Many a time, we wonder why our meticulously prepared cakes and muffins remain sticky or undercooked even after following all the minute instructions. Its probably because, we haven't given the batter a proper whisk  !! These whisks can give you just that- lump- free smooth batter. From beating eggs to frosting the cake, whisks can help you to get the perfect mix. Well, rest of the recipe depends on you!

10. Toasters:

Image source: www.besttoasterreviewspro.com

Our life has become complex. Waking up at the crack of the day and working late night, we hardly find time to relish the food we have. We all wait for a weekend to make something lavish and delightful. But what about weekdays? Its all the more important to have a balanced breakfast on workdays  which will keep you energetic throughout. Here comes the need for a bread toaster. A couple of toast slices, scrambled egg and a glass of  fresh juice is all you need to kick start your day.

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