Nandini's Home - A Perfect Blend Of Old and New

The Story of My Home Dated:  Jan. 25, 2014
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With another beautiful day, comes another beautiful home! This simple, straight forward and beautiful home belongs to Nandini Suri, a resident of Delhi. Nandini, a mother of two, always carries a charming attitude and the same air of elegance and exquisiteness reflects in her home. While we made our way around the house, my eyes constantly kept on gazing at the corners where everything was so perfectly and gracefully placed. We stopped by the living room and chatted over the tea.


The Living Room


Colourful Display

As we sat there, I was floored by the warmth of the room. Nandini, self confessedly, has a fascination for mirrors which is also evident from the mirror pieces she has placed strategically around the home. Almost every room has a mirror piece as its highlight!


Beautiful Chandelier

In the living room, the delineation, the chandelier, the sofas, the curtains and the Buddha statue, everything complemented each other. According to Nandini, most of the things were already there when they bought the apartment, and since she and her mum-in-law didn’t feel like discarding anything, she found out creative ways of placing them tastefully. The art on the wall (shown in the pic above) was painted by the famous painter “Devendu”, in the year 2007, which shows the Ganga Ghat. This and most other artwork that adorns the walls of her home have been bought from Kunika Art Centre, Central Cottage Emporium, Janpath. The chandeliers, the curtains and the statue were all picked up from in and around Delhi.


Sleek Brown Couch

A sleek brown couch rested on the wall featuring this painting and a coffee table with intricately designed metal legs occupied the center. Regardless of the small size of the room, she anchored the space with a dramatic rug and well chosen accessories like vases with peppy red flowers and corner lamps. The cushions on the couch match the red flowers in one of the corner vases. Every corner was occupied with one or more accents. On the whole, the setting was perfect according to the space.

The Main Lobby


Sofa Cum Bed

A sofa cum bed has been placed opposite to the wine shack and the lighting is perfect, thanks to this swanky chandelier and a number of bulbs.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall


Fancy Mirror

As I entered the lobby, I was mesmerized by the display of mirrors on the wall. This was the most unique mirror I have ever come across - complicated yet a splendid display.


Buddha resting below the mirror

In another part of the lobby, there is this beautiful round mirror with a Buddha statue lying in peace right below it, which outshines every other object in the room.The frame on which the reclining Buddha has been placed is embellished with small pebbles which sparkle in the dark.


Display of Art

One more painting caught my attention. Painted in red and yellow, the painting depicted an Indian village scene and the sculpture below it depicts a lady with a pitcher on her head. Nandini said, "I always wanted to go for wooden flooring, which would look good with the setting."


The Corners

White Vas display
Statue and lamp
Divine Buddha
Beautiful blend of colors and a workship place


Natural Flowers and a lamp

Every single corner is embellished with exquisite corner accents like statues, Buddha sculptures, lamps and vases with enlivening flowers. All these elements have been placed such that symmetry is sustained.

While we were taking a tour of the house, a melodious music mesmerized the aura. I was curious to know who is playing the guitar, which eventually I found, was her son. I shared a few notes with him and spent some quality time in his room.

Son’s Room

The son playing guitar

Musically equipped room, with boosts and guitars and the TV attached to a thick wooden board give him complete comfort and visibility to look at any musical videos and play his tunes. His mom took the initiative of finding a perfect bed for the room.

Daughter's Room

The daughter’s room featured more of a subtle setting, where everything was sophistically placed. An enormous bed with tufted headboard occupied the centre and the opposite wall housed the television.


Daughter's affection for pets

A white cage with lovebirds was stowed on the shelves against the wall. Her daughter is jolly and she loves spending time with her dog and the birds! A complete animal lover!

The Veranda/Balcony

This is the place where Nandini likes hanging out the most. With enough space and a great view outside, the balcony is a blissful area. With a beautifully tiled exterior, a pair of easy swing wooden chairs and a round coffee table, the place is perfect for chatting with friends or family over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Right opposite to it, at the other extreme, lay a beautiful wood rocking chair, where one could take a power nap after spending a long tiring day out.


Entrance Door

Turtle shell and the wallpaper

Our last resort was the terrace which served as the ground for the parties. While going towarrds the terrace, as I made my way to the entrance door, I noticed a turtle shaped wall accent near the entrance door, pinned onto the wall just above the wallpaper.


The Terrace

Spacious Terrace

The terrace was huge and serves as a venue for family parties. Its replete with disco lights and a vintage Sofa cum bed, and is partly covered to provide immediate shelter in case of inclement weather.

Mirrors reflect life and since Nandini’s home featured mirrors all over the place, her home is full of life. With collective design efforts of both Nandini and her mother in law, the home surely looks like a place filled with warmth and verve. When asked about her dream home, she described it to be somewhat contemporary with a beautiful garden

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the landscape area followed by a backyard with a kitchen, but ofcourse full of exquisite mirrors everywhere!

Photo Credits: Riku Sharma

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