Navratri - A Seasonal Decor Retreat

Festive Decor Dated:  Oct. 8, 2015
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Goddess Durga

Festivals like Navratri or Dusshera or Diwali are the days, showrooms see enthusiastic buyers thronging to avail offers of different products. Especially Navratri, as the name says, lasts for nine long days, when any business could touch its peaks. The nine long days turn into nine long holidays in most of the places in India, during this period.

So wouldn't be perfect to retain customers in your showroom, avoiding them from bouncing to other ones?
The better the visual-décor pleasure, the longer the customer stays in your showroom and better the business!

Navratri DecorationBalloon arches - Decor - showroom                                                           Navratri décor – furniture showroom
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There are two important aspects to be considered:
1. To attract the customer to step inside your showroom, where exterior décor plays a role
2. To retain the customer for long inside the showroom, where interior décor  plays a role.

This Navratri, brighten up your showroom with easy, affordable and artistic decoration ideas.
Your showroom could go for a theme-based Navratri decoration this year. But, before deciding the theme, showroom owners should know what Navratri is all about.

What is Navratri?

Navratri is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga. It celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura and it is said that she fought for nine days and nine nights for the emerging victory. On the tenth day is Vijayadashami or Dusshera which celebrates the killing of Ravan by Ram, according to Ramayana. And 20 days after Navratri is Diwali, the festival of lights.
Now you have got enough stories to generate themes for all the festivals which last for one full month!

Balloon theme a ShowroomBalloon theme – Showroom

Drawing inspiration from the absolutely-creative pandals in the state of West Bengal, you could use possible materials to create your theme, thereby depicting a story.

pandal A Creative pandal in Kolkata


Indians are aware of the fact that festivals are nothing without flowers. The moment flowers take a place, they kickstart an auspicious, fresh and spiritual aura around. Picking up the best colored flowers from around the city could be the first step. As flowers are natural, your showroom could follow the same designs, but get decorated with different colored flowers everyday, which makes it all the more interesting.
Paper flowers are also great sustainable options, as they allow you to come up with your own best shapes and designs.

Paper flowersColored flowers,                                                                                                       Single design – floral module – repeatable
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Most of the showrooms have glass doors and facades which positively encourages you to make beautiful series of paintings on it. These paintings could portray a story related to Navratri or Dusshera or Diwali and your showroom would see extreme admiration and love! The major advantage in painting on glass is that the paintings could be retained or removed or recreated, according to the type of festival and story depiction.

paintingsGlass painting                                                                                                         Glass painting – Goddess Durga
Source:                                                 Source: paintings_369364_blog


The best decorative material for any kind of interiors is paper, as it is available in different shapes, colors, sizes, textures, thicknesses, etc. To depict a story through drawings on all papers is not feasible always. Instead, your showroom could experience the artistic decoration through paper collages. Pick colorful newspapers and magazines to cut the required images or text to create a collage of the different characters involved in the story of Navratri, Dusshera or Diwali. Experience the feeling when your customer wouldn't want to leave your showroom because of the art work! 

Paper Collage a A scene in RamayanaPaper Collage – A scene in Ramayana

Showroom Specific:

Keeping the theme-based decoration constant, one could play with the materials related to the products of the showroom. There are different types of showrooms for different products – car showrooms, jewellery showrooms, furniture showrooms, etc.

For example, the best decorative idea for a car showroom would be to utilize the unused or worn out significant machine parts of a car viz. Steering wheel, door handle, gear box, wiper, etc to create a navratri-related story on the showroom walls. Or another option would be to buy different colours of toy cars, arrange and stick them together to make some sense out of it.
Any customer would adore the art work, taking his own time!

Toy cars a hot wheels a collageToy cars – hot wheels – collage

A furniture showroom could get decorated with the arrangement of different textures, sizes and shapes of timber pieces on the wall to depict characters of the religious stories. The end products could be placed on the floor, which could into an interesting showpiece or stick on plain walls, gaining more attention.

Sustainable decoration - Experiment, Customize and Inspire!

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