Need of Safety Doors in Homes

Interiors- Doors and Windows Dated:  June 5, 2014
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Designed by: Interior Designer, Sonali Shah

Uncertainty in our daily lives and the urban lifestyle we’ve created for ourselves has rendered simple locks and keys and flimsy doors under-qualified to protect our homes for us. Elaborate security systems have been developed to protect your abode from the mess that can be created if you aren’t careful enough.

The functions and advantages thereby of safety doors are:

1) Screening of burglars and other unwanted guests, therefore making your loved ones safe and fortified.
2) Save money on your theft insurance policy!
3) Increase the value of your home
4) Safety doors are tasteful and stylish, in addition to all of these features.

The types of security doors for homes are the following:

Hardwood: Hardwood doors can be installed in homes without much ado. They come with aesthetically pleasing designs and can be fitted with barrel locks and tumbler locks for added security measures. Hardwood doors can be fitted with tempered glass or peepholes to help the dweller see who he or she is letting in. Hardwood doors remain the most preferred kind of security doors.

Steel: Steel doors are being adopted by homeowners increasingly these days. They are resistant to damages from kicking and deliberate breaking in tactics like clubbing. Although attempts to break in will leave a nasty dent on your door, steel is considered to be a safe and sound option when it comes to security doors. These also come with ornate designs which make them visually attractive.

Wrought Iron: Doors made of wrought iron are traditional looking, while bearing the strength of iron to fulfill its purpose. These are also slightly flexible, making way for easier installation and designing.

When it comes to home improvement these days, safety always comes first. Explore the options that are available in the world of security doors, and find your best alternative.

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