New Year, New start -New Year's Resolutions for your Home

Decor Tips Dated:  Jan. 2, 2016
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New Year's Resolutions 2016

The New year is here. Feels like an year has gone by quite too fast.  We are yet to work on our last New year resolutions and here we are, making some for this year. Stay fit, be early to bed, drink less, have time for your family -the long list is waiting to be checked.

This time, instead of, or rather, in addition to going for a personal resolution(which we hardly keep), let's take some for our home. After all, our home sweet home too need some thing to hope on.

Here are some simple tips and ideas you can try for your home and give it a new birth this new year.

1. De-clutter your home

This will be probably some thing we all try to do throughout, but fail most of the time. And the reason is quite obvious. We are so in doubt whether the things we think of throwing away would be of any use in future.

But not any more! Let's take a firm determination that we are going to get rid of those unwanted 'space eaters'. A survey shows that the things we haven't used for the past six months will never be needed in the future as well and hence it is safe to discard them. 

2. Bring out the best out of waste

This hectic routine do tire each one us. From the crack of the day to late in night, we are bogged down by either the work at the office or at home. It is high time we thought of relaxing our mind and body. What if you help your home in this process?

 We have talked about de-cluttering our homes. But there are certain things we find too adorable to discard. Then, why not put them into some good use. For example, a clean glass bottle or jar can become a flower vase or a table, lamp or a broken mirror can be decorated to make a masterpiece for your wall. Ideas are plenty. You just to put on your thinking cap and there you go, a stress bursting, fun weekend is yours!

New Year Home DecorationNew Year Home Decoration
Image source:

3. Paint those walls

With time our beautiful walls start to fade. The once brilliant colours have become pale and dirty. Give them a fresh coat of painting. Go for a different theme this year. Try different palette and textures. Let your walls come alive again.

Home Decor IdeaHome Decor Idea
Image source:

4. Re-organize stuff

Sometimes even after having the best of decor items, things do not bring out the look and charm we expect. Where have we gone wrong? Probably, on positioning them. Certain things need to be grouped while others, scattered. For example, instead of covering an entire wall with placing photo frames leaving huge gaps, bring them together. Or make the wall dramatic by setting them in a pattern and weave a story.

Picture frame wall arrangements with imagePicture frame wall arrangements with image
Image source:

 Also, its not always the quantity that matters. Having little but large items can make a statement for your room.

5. Planting indoors

Indoor plants are always a bliss -whether its in your house or office. Not only do they make your world look greener, many of the indoor plants are superb air purifiers such as the Boston Fern and English Ivy. 

It is also easy to find herbs that grow indoors. You must be happy and proud of yourself as you are getting twin benefits-greener space, better health.

6. Allocate space for new comers

We all shop for new and improved gadgets from time to time. While its easy to get them, we never think of allocating a proper space for them and  keep tossing them from  dining room to bedroom to balcony. This not only makes it tougher to find them but also makes them look out of place, ruining the look of the room. Therefore, make sure that you create space for them for when not in use.

7. Ample Lighting

Lighting has a lot to do in enhancing the look of a room. While tapestry curtains are a great choice to make a room look more royal and rich, using it for every window will make the room look dull and dark. Instead sheer curtains can be used, especially when the rooms are tiny.

Ample LightingAmple Lighting

Try out these super easy steps and make your home new.


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