No Beauty Tips today, Gear up for Some Home Decor Tips from Shahnaz Husain!

The Story of My Home Dated:  June 28, 2014
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Shahnaz Husain home Shahnaz Husain house

Yes, you have read it right! Shahnaz Husain gives us some home tips today. Sprucing up the space where you breathe is equally important as grooming oneself. Don't you agree? And so does Mrs. Shahnaz Hussain.

The bungalow looked awesome from outside but I was hardly aware of the fact that the beauty protagonist's home exudes a more quintessential beauty- and gives a clear reminiscenece of French and Roman palaces. Whenever I look at Shahnaz Hussain's home photos that I had brought along ,I get this feeling. And why not? Shahnaz Husain's house is packed with artifacts and accessories from Sweden, China and Greece.

Well,there I was, chatting with one of the most powerful women entrepreneur in the world and herbal cosmetics expert, Mrs. Shahnaz Husain.Here are some excerpts from the conversation that took place at Shahnaz Husain's Greater Kailash home-

Shahnaz Husain Home Photo

Since when are you staying here. Also why did you chose to stay here?
I have been staying here for more than ten years. Before this, I have been staying in Greater Kailash, Part I for 40 years, in other houses. I did not wish to move away from Greater Kailash. 

Who all stay in your house? How do you maintain it?
My husband and I stay in the house. We have a retinue of housekeepers, staff and our own workmen to maintain it. 

Shahnaz Husain Lobby

As one enters your house, what’s the best thing one can notice according to you?
The best thing that one can see on entering is the Glass Room. It is unique.

Tell us something about the Glass Room.
The Glass Room is unique. It was an open area earlier. The ceiling and walls are made of glass. It provides a view of expanse of greenery. It is surrounded by trees, plants and foliage and actually brings nature right into the room. 

Shahnaz Husain house

flower plant

What are extraordinary pieces in the house and where are these purchased from?
Among the unique pieces in my home are the gigantic urns from China, beautiful statues from Greece, as well as the Venetian and Swedish glassware. There are huge paintings of generations of my family, in ornate gold frames. They are antique pieces. I have shopped for artefacts all over the world, because of my love for ornate, decorative pieces.

Shahnaz Husain Living Room

What are your preferred décor style and color choices?
My home is neither traditional nor modern. In fact, it is impossible to ascribe a particular style to it. I have not decorated the house according to any style or era. I have picked up furniture that was unique with an elaborate style or carvings. I have bought carpets and rugs from all over the world.

Any particular theme in your house, which you have followed while decorating it?
I have followed a theme of colour for the sitting room. It is done in white – the sofa, rugs, curtains, decorative pieces, picture frames, urns, vases are all in white.

Sitting Room

What are your color choices for walls?
I prefer light coloured walls, as they show up the ornate decorative pieces that I have collected over the years. 

Entrance area

Does the décor reflect your personality?
Yes, a home is a statement of the kind of people who live in it.  My home reflects my personality and the kind of person I am. It also reflects my life, my career and my travels. I love beauty and like to surround myself with beautiful things. My house is a reflection of my love for beauty and beautiful artefacts. 

Drawing Room

Your favorite room in the house would be? 
My favourite room in the house is the Cosy Room, where I spend a lot of time, both relaxing and working, having meetings and even meals.  

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What's your favorite corner in the house?
The favourite corner or place is my bedroom balcony, because there is a huge Amaltash (Labernum) tree overlooking it. It has the most beautiful yellow chandelier flowers.

M.F husain

Your favorite possession would be? 
My most prized possession is my portrait, painted by the world renowned artist M.F. Husain. 

Lobby space

Your most cherished piece of painting or home decor item? Where did you pick it up from and why is it so special?
As mentioned before, my most cherished piece of painting is my portrait done by M.F. Husain. I will always treasure the painting. It evokes memories of M.F. Husain coming to my home and painting the portrait. He depicted me like a Mughal Empress and said “this is my impression of you….the way I perceive you.

Drawing room

Describe your drawing room at length.
As already mentioned, the main sitting room is done up entirely in white. The luxurious upholstery, carpets and rugs are all in white. Gigantic urns, delicate vases or ornate picture frames are also white. I feel that the colour theme gives the room a particular character. White gives the impression of space and peace. In fact, the white room is spectacular. There are statues and urns in the Grecian style, ornate pieces from the Middle East, contemporary glass table-tops, as well as Victorian pieces, carpets and rugs from all over the world. 

Ceiling Design

Did you hire a pro? 
I did not hire any interior decorator, although I took advice from architects and builders regarding various materials that I chose, like marble or granite flooring, pillars or ornate woodwork. Nobody can miss the fact that the style, which is elaborate and highly decorative, reflects my personality.

Dining Room

How often do you revamp your interiors?
On my return from travels, some re-arrangement has to be done, to decorate the house with new artefacts. I am very particular about decoration and I ensure that curtains and upholstery are revamped in good time.

Wall art along staircase

Lastly, what's your message to the homeowners.
Home is a place which should embody a sense love and peace. It is where you can relax and be completely free to be yourself. The décor, the ambience, the furniture, the lighting should all make you feel that “there is no place like home.”

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