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Office Design & Decor Dated:  Aug. 27, 2014
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Workstation Design Idea by: Architect Rajesh Patel Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

1)    Select a theme:  A thematic design should be followed right from the start. The color of the walls and the other accessories should follow your chosen theme.

2)    Wall color: The paint you select defines the character you wish to give to your interiors. Since you plan to have an office, cool colors like green and blue should be encouraged. The idea is to be as soothing to the eye as possible. Near white shades of different colors are relaxing to the eye too.

3)    Lighting: Descended lighting makes more sense when we’re talking about office spaces because it helps you focus on your workspace. Lampshades and table lamps of different shapes and sizes help you achieve the mood that a workspace demands.

Waiting Area and LoungeMaterial Idea by: Arbaysis Ashley

4)    Material: You are encouraged to decide upon the central material you wish to use for your office, be it wood, glass, veneer or Kebony, the new-wood. Glass and wood are both expensive and high-maintenance, but classy. Veneer is much less expensive in comparison to wood and glass, but also much less glamorous. New-wood is being used as an alternative to regular wood and is cheap, and there are a lot of furniture brands offering ready-made office furniture made out of Kebony, so it may be just the thing you need!

Interior DesignersConference Room Furniture Design Idea by: Mahesh Punjabi

5)    Furniture: Since we’re talking office, furniture is almost everything that is needed andmatters, and at the same time, your space needs are crucial. Choose wisely. Fold-up tables and chairs might be useful, which are offered by readymade new-wood brands. If you’re going for a traditional wood and glass theme, you need to

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the density of wood or glass on your tabletops, the kind of wood you want to use, the type of chairs that you would like in your space, revolving or static chairs, side tables, drawer handles and the like.

6)    Storage: Storage units are such an important deal today, when space is at an all-time crisis. Wall mounted storage units are desirable in the sense that they are functional and save space. Glass or wood brackets in the corners are also useful spaces that you can use to store files and folders.

7)    Wall Decor: This is yet another area to accessorize and go creative. You can try a textured look for your walls, which can look really classy and beautiful. Add wall hangings and give an edge to your workspace.

office decorModern Workstation Layout Design Idea by: Horizon Design Studio Pvt Ltd

8)    Floor: The floor on your workspace is as essential as any other part of it. Wall to wall carpeting may be expensive, so go rogue on this one. Pick up separate carpets, rugs or mats from furnishing fairs or flea markets and lay them on different surfaces

Office Chairs
Modular Office Workstation
Office Modular Furniture
to the colour of the space and the mood.

9)    Accessories: Accessorize. Fill up your workspace with different vases, ornate or otherwise, and deck up your space with flowers. Faux flowers work just as well. You can also throw figurines around the area. Centerpieces and other articles on your table look equally attractive.

Lastly, be creative with your office designing endeavors. Office décor has embraced latest trends and fashions, and your creativity will make your office a one-of-a-kind space.

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