Architectural Trends: Open Concept Homes

Architecture Dated:  June 23, 2016
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Breathing Home at Bengaluru by Architecture Continuous

Now, what are homes with an ‘open concept’ or open plans or open layouts? It is a type of layout with large open rooms that function as multiple rooms within a single living space. It has one large multipurpose space that having defined spaces for each function. 

This concept had been traditionally practiced by renowned architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier. However, these layouts are becoming popular and more sought-after these days because in these, more usable living space can be fitted into the same amount of space. This also allows a lot of freedom and scope for personalization for the user to define spaces. Often, the kitchen becomes the heart and the central space of the home.

Earlier, before 1900s, homes were designed with a lot of separate rooms. The idea being that more the number of rooms, more attractive and functional the space. However, for homes with smaller areas, this idea couldn’t work. 

However, there are advantages of both Open and Closed Plans.

Advantages of Open Plans: - 

  • More social interaction between the family members. People can continue with their work while having a conversation from different spaces within the same room
  • Easier for parents to keep an eye on the kids. If the kid is playing in the same room where the mother is watching the television, then she can make sure that the kid doesn’t fall or meet with any accident. 
  • More views and natural lighting. Because there are less interior walls, it provides a larger view, a feeling of grandeur and also allows natural light to enter into all living spaces.
  • Better for entertaining guests. Not only does it provide a larger area for house parties, but it allows more interaction with the guests while working in the kitchen while the guests are in the living space.

Advantages of Closed Plans: -

  • Privacy. There is always a need for some privacy and enclosure for every member of the house. Closed Plans work well in this respect. 
  • More walls for wall art and display. For art enthusiasts, each wall may be decorated differently, to give each space and each room a different feel.
  • Easier to clean or renovate. To clean or revamp a particular space, the rest of the house will not be affected in any way.
  • Better Acoustics. Noise will not travel to different spaces in case of Closed Plans as there are walls that block the sound.
  • Spaces dedicated for a particular activity. With more rooms there can be exclusive spaces for personal offices, studios, reading rooms, craft room, etc.

In today’s context, Open Plans are preferred more because of the space crunch. We would need to accommodate more functions in less space. But, to ensure privacy that tends to be a problem in Open Plans, one can always plan smaller secluded spaces along with one large open, multipurpose space. 

A few examples of ‘Open Concept’ by architects who are members of ZingyHomes – India's largest platform for Interior Design, Architecture and Construction. 

Chamila & Rohitha HouseChamila & Rohitha House,Dompe
Designed By Architect Channa Horombuwa
House for Bharath ChellaniHouse for Bharath Chellani
Designed by Architect Aamir Sharma
Biyani BunglowBiyani Bunglow
Designed By Architect Jayesh Shah
Tall HouseTall House
Architect Sunil Patel
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