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Decor Tips Dated:  June 28, 2014
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Designed by: Interior Designer, Sonali Shah

The importance of home has never been less. Our homes are full of great stories. About ourselves. What we love and what we like to do. We tend to surround ourselves with what we like.

In today’s hustle bustle of urban life, one needs a place to relax and lighten up. It is not practically possible to take a break at a beautiful beach or a serene valley every now and then. However, our home can give us that pleasure. With good amount of money in hand, we can always opt to hire designers to do it for us. But, the idea is to make the place lovable and adorable.  So, take an extra step, some additional efforts to create your own space. A space that speaks your mind, your thoughts, your likings and is you.

Not my cup of tea?? I am not creative or artistic…Not to worry, just a little ride into your mind and you will be in your lovely place.

Pick your stuff – No one can do the work the way you want. So, take out time from your busy schedule and go around picking stuff of your own choice. Ensure that the stuff you pick is in harmony with what you want or what you already have.

Be a harmonizer –Lay and display your stuff in harmony with each other. Comfortably placed, space to walk around, not scattered. If space is less, cut down on big and heavy pieces, move it to other areas of the house.

Be minimal – We go to a beach or hillside when we want to relax because it is free from chaos. Yes, less chaotic is lighter. Though few people may like heavy furniture and big wardrobes. The fact is, heavy & big furniture, loads of dishes in the kitchen (which your cupboards accommodate) makes the environment stuffy and suffocating. These things tend to suck all the beautiful and positive energy.

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Use your color- You may be a fan ofmore than one color. No need to use all your favorite colors on your home walls and furniture. Try and use one or two colors if you want a combination.

Avoid prints Try and use more solids over prints if you can. Solid are ever-green, can be mixed and matched whenever you feel the need to change. With printed sofas and curtains, options are minimal. If you cannot give away your love for prints and design on curtains and linen, use it in your bedroom and stick to smaller and lighter prints.

Decorate with paintings, pots or family photos – Wall paintings, pots and photos not only add an edge to your home but also bring love and positivity. Just don’t hang anything and everything that you have or has been gifted by someone. Think and display.

You may be able to apply a few if not all of these points considering the constraints of budget, space and size of your family. But, you can always start with small.

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