Give your outdoor space a new life

Outdoors Dated:  Sept. 23, 2015
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Let’s celebrate outdoors..!!!!

Always being indoors and spending time with your family at the dining or the living room sounds a little boring now. What if you all have the same quality time together but outdoors?  Yes!! Totally forgotten your outdoor space? But now it is time to liven up your outdoor space and be it coffee time or dinner enjoy with the natural essence.  Give your outdoor space a fresh face and make it more charming and appealing that goes well with every season. To decorate your outdoor area, you just need a bit of imagination and creative ideas. Here are some of the ideas that will make it easier for you to decorate your place.

Outdoor Garden DesignOutdoor coffee table, Designed by: Architect Arbaysis Ashley

The Right Coffee Table: When choosing a coffee table keep in mind the kind of surroundings you have. Whether you have a country side surrounding or a natural one? Try going for a small wooden coffee table if you have nature all around you. This will enhance the look of your coffee corner and make it more charming. Low lying coffee tables are also in trend these days. Complement it with some comfortable low-lying furniture. And one or two decorative articles and here your coffee table is ready..!!!

Outdoor dining areaOutdoor Dining area

A Practical Outdoor Dining Area: Outdoor dining area provides an instant gratification to all the senses. We not only enjoy succulent dishes but also get refreshed with the smell of flowers and nature. To get a mesmerising outdoor dining area lightning is very important. Try using lights that give a beautiful hue to your place. They should neither be too bright nor too dark. You can also decorate it with flowers or arrange a fireplace. Make sure that your dining area is covered from the top and looks presentable.

Outdoor Patio GardenOutdoor Patio Garden
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Make Your Veranda an Inviting Place: Add an additional inviting place to spend time with your friends and family. A veranda is an albeit outdoor space for entertainment and relaxation so why not make it more welcoming. Try to give the veranda a feel of second living room. Add some light wooden furniture and some decorative place so that your guests can feel totally comfortable. Keep some lamp and flowers. Sliding walls have gained a lot of popularity these days. By parting the walls you can easily turn a veranda into a terrace. A classical veranda should be a bright place.

Luxurious backyard gardenLuxurious Backyard garden
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A Paradise in the Backyard: You can not only decorate the place in front of your house but also your backyard. A very easy and cheap idea to decorate your backyard is to create a beautiful garden in your backyard with different plants and colour flowers and fill it with tranquillity. Go wild and let loose your imagination and give your backyard a proper landscaping.

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