Outdoor dining - A change worth trying

Outdoors Dated:  Jan. 20, 2016
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Outdoor Dining Idea by Interior Designer Saneeth Sathian

Happiness is.... dining outdoors. Having a meal outdoors with cool breeze tickling your feet in the night or soft and warm sun rays kissing your skin in the summer morning, will make the food  taste better and the bonds  stronger (not kidding!!). When there is green plants to greet you and fresh air to make you new, even the bland food can turn delicious. So why to book seats in a open terrace restaurant when you can create an atmosphere far more better right at your home? Balcony, terrace or the lawn behind- a place where you can set the table is plenty. You just have to get the food right and there you are- playing a perfect host.

Here are some great outdoor dining designs which will help you out to set the table and create the perfect ambience.

Break the fast in balcony

Villa Lake Como Italy Balcony White Breakfast TableVilla Lake Como Italy Balcony White Breakfast Table
Image source: http://www.freshpalace.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Villa-Lake-Como-Italy-Balcony-White-Dining-Table.jpg

 A healthy wholesome breakfast can kick start your day and keep you going all day long. Having it in a place from where you can see the serenity of the surrounding will not only fill your tummy but your soul too.

Your balcony can serve you with such a setting. Light  furniture is recommended if you do not wish to place them forever in the balcony. A pendant or floor lamp is all you need to complete the look.

Coffee for two

Outside Dining DecorOutside Dining Area Designed by Architect Harshad Dongre

So what if you are living in flats? Small balconies in the residential areas can be turned into an open terrace coffee shop. A lazy evening spent with your soul mate, sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee can refresh your mind. To compensate the complex look of skyscrapers before you, make the table green by a potted plant.

Banquet dining

Outdoor Dining Area Idea, IndiaOutdoor Dining Area Idea, India Designed by Interior Designer Sandesh Prabhu

Summer days can be tiring. With scorching heat all throughout the day, the only relief is the breezy nights. Why not enjoy this while having a sumptuous dinner? And don't hesitate to invite your friends for a jolly get together. The balcony of your house can be turned into a banquet dining with banquet benches lining the railings. More chairs and  table can be brought according to the need. To  make it grand, go for an elegant chandelier.

Feast at courtyard

Feast at courtyardFeast at courtyard Designed by Architecture Firm M+P Architects Collaborative

If you have taken the wise decision of  creating an interior courtyard, you have a knowingly or unknowingly created a beautiful space to set the dining table for the Sunday feast. Having an indoor courtyard will keep you both close to the interiors and the exterior with infinite sky above.

Glittering party in patio

Outdoor Dining Area in patioOutdoor Dining Area in patio
Image source: http://media1.popsugar-assets.com/files/2010/12/50/1/192/1922794/148914c1684af2c3_1Z_C_Outdoor_Dining_Area2/i/night-patio-perfect-spot-dining-party.JPG

Has your house grown small in accommodating the guests you are expecting for the party? Go for a grander party scene with setting the dining table at the patio or the lawn infront of your house. With the twinkling lights wrapping the trees and stretching from one end to other, you will be creating   a memorable  night your guests will ever cherish.

Treat on terrace

Treat on terraceTreat on terrace Designed by Architecture Firm Rishi Dev Architects & Associates

Terrace can be yet another spot for outdoor dining which can turn the routine dining into a special affair. Nice soothing music in the background can create the restaurant ambience without spending a penny.

Indeed, when a daily event like dining  gets an extraordinary touch right at your home, you will hardly long to go to the heftily priced restaurants. All you need is a bit of patience and lot of creativity.

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