How to Charm Your Outdoor Kitchen? - 3 Quick Tips

Kitchen Design & Decor Dated:  Oct. 21, 2016
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Who doesn’t love outdoor space? Whether semi-covered, or fully open we all love spending time out in the open with nature. Indulge in reading a book or sketching or cooking. All these activities are great if you are thinking to unwind. Cooking out in the open lets you constantly be in touch with nature. This creates a positive energy within you which further passes through the food being cooked, thus making the food delectable automatically. 

So what are the basic things you need to know while setting up your own outdoor kitchen. Read On!

Lighting for Outdoor Kitchen:

Lighting for Outdoor KitchenLighting for Outdoor Kitchen
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Lighting is truly one of the most importance architectural features for any space. It accentuates the structures and other architectural elements. Of course it gives a visual treat and ease while navigating and performing any tasks. Consider placing a PAR20 halogen bulb over the cooking platform. Unhindered vision is extremely important while cooking needless to say, and this setting can enable you to cook at night as well. 

Next install lights under cabinets, counter-tops and the path leading to the kitchen, so one is able to circulate about the space effortlessly. Light around cabinets is important since it lets you see the ingredients and what is available in the kitchen. 

To make things a little more impressive you can hang lights above the dining table. Again you can use your creativity in deciding the type of lights you want. If the theme of your outdoor kitchen is bohemian, you could probably just hang bulbs or recycle mason jars and make chandelier.

Outdoor Kitchen LightingOutdoor Kitchen Lighting

The only disadvantage of this setting is that the lights attract a lot of bugs.

Flooring for Outdoor Kitchen:

Flooring for Outdoor KitchenFlooring for Outdoor Kitchen
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Floor forms the largest surface area in any space - So don’t ignore the type of flooring. When perceived cohesively all the elements must be in harmony with each other echoing a tune of same wavelength else your space will not have a welcoming and warm vibe. 

There are several outdoor flooring options available. Poured concrete, brick, natural stone, terracotta tiles, ceramic tiles, are a few to name. But don’t go for glazed or porous tiles or stones which are polished since it can be slippery during the rains.

Outdoor Kitchen FlooringOutdoor Kitchen Flooring
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Outdoor Kitchen Appliances:

Outdoor Kitchen AppliancesOutdoor Kitchen Appliances
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You need your kitchen appliances set right if you wanna cook whether indoor or outdoor. Some basic kitchen appliances you will need is stove/cooking station, oven or a grill, and a sink. But of course if you have more space you can include ice makers, refrigerator, and exhaust if required.  

You can either go for electrical oven or wood - fired ovens depending on your requirement. A grill or a BBQ station could be a handy addition to your outdoor kitchen. You could even install a projector, and watch the EPL or your favorite games while making BBQ and having beer with your family and friends.

Appliances for Outdoor KitchenAppliances for Outdoor Kitchen
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While installing the faucets and sinks, take care of the plumbing lines. You will also need to think of connecting the drainage line for the outdoor kitchen with the main drainage line, or design a separate drainage for the kitchen.


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