Paris Pavilion The Art of Peace - Design Competition

Architecture Competitions Dated:  March 16, 2016
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Paris Pavilion The Art of Peace

The city of Paris is rightfully termed as 'the cultural capital of the world' because of its rich and diverse ethos and character. Paris has been the artistic epicentre of the world since renaissance, inspiring many artists, philosophers, writers and architects to innovate and break the shackles of resistance. The city was home to great revolutionaries like Picasso, Miro, Modigliani, Voltaire and Corbusier. But one of the most tolerant cities of the world was shook by recent terror attacks that sent shockwaves around the world.

The most serious problem of the 21st century besides climate change has been terrorism, aggression and wars in the name of religion, political mileage, energy resources and economic factors like money and drugs etc. Attacks and conflicts in Paris, Iraq, Syria, New York, Afghanistan, Mumbai, Ukraine, Madrid, Beirut, Nigeria, Bali etc. have changed and altered the political and cultural landscape in which architects and urbanists operate.

The aim of this competition is to design a 'Peace Pavilion' in Paris that would exhibit the virtues of hope and tolerance, translated through the language of art and architecture. The pavilion should be a free standing temporary structure that can host a variety of activities and exhibitions.

• The pavilion should stimulate and educate people about the virtues of social and religious harmony.
• The competition seeks the inclusion of art, in any form, pure or translated, within the pavilion.
• The pavilion should of a temporary or semi-permanent nature that would constructed of durable and easy-to-maintain materials, and shall comply with building codes.
• The pavilion should become an important landmark and reference point for the inhabitants and visitors of the city.

The participants are asked to design a pavilion in the Champ de Mars near the Eiffel Tower, in the area outlined by Avenue Joseph Bouvard and Avenue Charles Risler.


• Start of Competition and Early Registration: 16th February 2016
• Early Registration ends: 30th April 2016
• Standard Registration starts: 1st May 2016
• Deadline for Questions: 10th May 2016
• Standard Registration ends: 30th May 2016
• Closing day for Submissions: 31st May 2016
• Announcement of Winners: 19th June 2016

Note: All deadlines are 11:59 pm - 00:00 IST (India).


Winning participants will receive prizes totalling INR 2,00,000 with the distribution as follows:

• First prize- INR 1,00,000/- + Certificate
• Second prize- INR 60,000/- + Certificate
• Third prize- INR 40,000/- + Certificate
• 10 Honorable mentions

Top 50 – All fifty shortlisted entries will be published on our blog and social media pages. Winners and honorable mentions will be published on archasm’s website and several international architecture magazines and websites partnered by us.


Early Registration:

• From 16th February to 30th April 2016
• For Indian nationals- INR 1500 (per team)
• For Foreign nationals- EUR 60 (per team)

Standard Registration:

• From 1st May to 30th May 2016
• For Indian nationals- INR 1800 (per team)
• For Foreign nationals- EUR 80 (per team)

Entrants may register by filling the registration form and submitting  it with the appropriate payment through their secure gateway on their website

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