5 Interesting Patio Decorating Ideas

Outdoors Dated:  Oct. 28, 2015
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Patio Decorating Ideas

A patio very often is a space for recreation and relaxation. If you ever built small shaded lean-to as a child and enjoyed creating your own space; you would definitely love to work on building the patio where you can retreat and rejuvenate both your mind and body. You should also keep in mind that a patio is very often a place where to entertain friends and relatives. Having decided on the main purpose of the patio, you will find it easy to come up with a theme and scheme for the entire area.

Here are a few tips on various ways to decorate your Patio in a tasteful and creative manner:

Daybed Patio:-

Daybed PatioDaybed Patio
Source: https://cutediyprojects.com/

Depending on your budget you could create a place to daydream and nap under the stars. If you wish to keep it within a small budget you could always use an old bed, slip on some new covers on that old mattress and throw in some outdoor pillows to create a fancy couch. You can even hang some lanterns or candle holders around it to give it that romantic touch and feel.

Cabana Patio:-

Cabana PatioCabana Patio
Source: https://www.sagardezign.co.uk/

You can easily create a shaded area with the help of a few PVC pipes or wood to create the basic structure and once you’ve nailed it up, all you have to do is dress up the structure with some drapery. You can use old curtains or sheets to cover up the top and get going on assembling a lovely coffe table with some light furniture to build up a sitting area. Complete with a bronze Budha statue or a Fengshui water fountain.

Bricked Patio:-

Bricked PatioBricked Patio
Source: www.homejelly.com

You can use old bricks, or the ones leftover from a construction. You can even mix different colors and types of bricks in decorating your patio floor. Create a pattern that suits your patio space and border it up with small bushes of flowers. You can create various patterns with these bricks and give the area a whole new look.

Summer Patio:-

Summer PatioSummer Patio
Source: www.easypave.com

Patio is an outdoor area and the Indian summers can be rather cruel. To create a relaxing patio you can use liquid limestone for flooring, since liquid limestone stays cool even in hot conditions. You could also create a wooden deck over the concrete area or simply build your patio under a large old tree.  The more greenery you can maintain the more cool your patio would be.

Revamped Patio:-

Revamped PatioRevamped Patio
Source: https://www.simonwhitehead.com/projects/complete/eynella-road

Let’s say you already have a patio well in place. That does not mean you cannot give it a new look. Just changing the paint and color can give it a totally new look. You can also use a stencil to create a pattern on your patio feel and give it a personal touch. Change the pots and plants; reupholster the old chairs and bring in some fancy cushions and rugs. Adding a canopy is another way of breathing life into an old worn out patio.

From a hammock hung on tree branches to a well placed canopy over an antique bed; the decoration ideas for a patio really have no limit or end. Just go with the décor which fulfills your heart’s desire and get as creative and innovative as you can. I am sure once you get going…your patio decoration mission will leave you happily surprised.

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