Personalize your Home using old home products

DIY Interior Design & Decor Dated:  March 7, 2014
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When we live in the same space for long, it’s our duty to remodel a couple of times. But does this mean you have to cough up a large sum of money each time? Not necessarily. You can walk into your attic and pick up a lot of old stuff and zing up your home without having to burn up all of your money. What’s more, you’ll have a ton of fun repainting and refurbishing these old pieces yourself! The following ideas might help you to get some new ideas about using up discarded things and creating a new look out of the

Make shelves not scrap: After each carpenter job, we tend to have a lot of leftover, scrap wood. You could use this wood to make singular wall shelves. Scrape the surface, even out and paint them in any wild color of your choice. You have a funky new shelf that’ll be the topic of discussion in the next party you have. Also, these shelves can be remodeled into an impromptu bookshelf or a magazine stand in a cool color like blue or green which will stand out and be extremely classy. You can also use leftover strips of wood to design a low dewan. We designed one after our carpenter job and it’s a lovely piece of furniture that adorns our living room. Cover these up with traditional dewan covers and they make for beautiful seating arrangements.
Don’t throw the old tables out! You can use medium sized old tables and chairs, repaint them in white or sea green, and use them as garden or patio furniture. These not only look great, but can clear a LOT of your attic at once! Repainted furniture can also be used in a rustic themed room or a

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if you live in an apartment and don’t have a garden.

Where are those divine lights from? There are some great recycling DIY ideas for creating some amazing lights in your home. This is more suitable for bedroom or patio décor. Line an old glass pickle jar with glue and liberally sprinkle different colored sparkle dust into it. Shut the lid and shake. There! You have a lovely glow in the dark fairy jar! You can also paint old tin cans (paint cans) and dig holes in patterns in them. Fit a tiny bulb in it and hang it in your bedroom or outdoors! An awesome lighting idea that you can implement with very easy ingredients.
Too much old glassware cluttering your wall cabinets? Get imaginative. Fill these with water and colored rose petals and use them as centerpieces for your tables and side-tables. You could also fill these with the special pebbles you collect from the beachside and make attractive centerpieces. You can also use old pickle jars to fill with potpourri or dried flowers and give your area a new look.
Does your teen’s room look too bland? Worry not. Pick out an old chair,

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it with some hip cloth, repaint it and you’ve given your kid a new obsession! If we’re talking about a girlie girl’s room, if you have an old mirror, put up the mirror, decorate it with some Christmas tree lights and perk up her vanity area! You can also repaint discarded drawers and make a cool looking CD stand. 
Say it with flowers:A good way to jazz up your walls is by hanging up old wicker baskets and filling them up with a hanging bunch of faux flowers. These look great, fill up your walls and old wicker baskets impart a sense of history to your home.
Who’s in the mood for some green?Who doesn’t like a hanging planter? You could make hanging planters out of old tin cans and hangers, and these look great anywhere! They could make for amazing patio decoratives.
Selling old schoolbooks? Don’t throw out the best. Children’s old school crafts, especially those dried flowers and leaves assignments, can be framed and put up on empty walls. These look great and give a very loving and homely character to wherever you put these up. Other craftworks can also be showcased and they give you some fresh wall-hangings instantly!
Recycled, repurposed accessories not only help you save a ton of money and give a new look to your home, but also make your home shout out the personal style of its owner. Do come up with more ideas and share them with us!

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