Pocket Friendly Decor Tips to Style 1 BHK Apartment

Low Cost Decor Ideas Dated:  Feb. 7, 2014
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Living Room Decorating Ideas by: Interior Designer Shahen Mistry

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to live in a luxurious house with spacious rooms and a sprawling verandah on looking your very own lovely garden? Sounds a dream come true to me! While a palatial apartment with magnificent décor may seem a farfetched reverie for some of us, one can’t snub the rising popularity of 1BHK apartments, especially among nuclear families and the super cool Y generation folks living in urban areas where space is a major constraint. 

If you are staying in 1BHK, decorating it can be a challenge, but not impossible as long as you follow three easy mantras: real, simple and practical. Here are some simple décor tips and tricks that will not only add panache to your small home but also go easy on your finances. 


Four Poster BedroomFour Poster Bedroom Design Idea by: Hameeda Sharma

Dark shades give a confined look to the rooms. So, paint your walls with light colours to reflect more space in your home. 


Living Room with CurtainsLiving Room with Curtains Design Idea by: Rajiv Garg

Use vertical striped and light hued curtains to add height to your rooms. Accessories them with stylish tie backs, rings or clutches. 


Indian Seating with StorageLiving Room Furniture Design Idea by: Nupur Jain

Ditch the bulky wooden furniture for lighter ones made with wicker or wrought iron. It would be a great idea to buy tall pieces of furniture or those with multiple utility and storage options such as sofa cum bed, bed with concealed chest drawers, wall mounted dining table/study table, multi storage cabinet etc. In the living room, you can even completely do away with sofa and instead place bright coloured beans bag, rugs or a mattress with cushions for a cozy floor sitting.


Find innovative, smart and intelligent solutions to add storage space to your 1BHK apartment. The best way to do is to go vertical, which means to utilize the empty space on your walls and inconspicuous space between floor and ceiling.

shelvesShelves Design Idea by: Anish Motwani Associates

•    A wall shelf/cabinet to display your artifacts or books.
•    An attractive container or bamboo basket on the refrigerator to store knick knacks.
•    Wall hooks or suction cups to hang your keys/belts/clothes/napkins. 
•    A document holder to put documents/magazines/newspapers.
•    A foldable laundry bag.
•    Cabinets below sinks in bathrooms.
•    Wall mounted television.


Minimal accessories can do wonders for 1BHK house. 

Large Living Room with Hanging Ceiling LightLarge Living Room with Hanging Ceiling Light Design Idea by: Milind Pai

•    Swop heavy frames and work of arts with plastic frames or collage paintings. Use mirrors to show reflective space in your home.  
•    Rummage through garage sales or your old stuff lying around the house, you will surely find something useful to accessorize and add a personal touch to your home nest. 
•    Hang wind chimes or lamps from ceilings.
•    Or perhaps you can simply set your hands free to create a wall décor art!


Wood Table LampWood Table Lamp by: Philips

Spot lights or small lamps are best suited to space constrained homes. Chinese and Moroccan lanterns not only look attractive but also diffuse light evenly across the rooms. And if you have penchant for soft ambience, then how about illuminating your house with aromatic candles or hand painted earthen diyas?

Go Green

TerraceTerrace Plants Design by Dev Architects & Associates

The cheapest and the most picturesque way to add spark to your 1BHK is to place beautiful plants and flowers in your living room, kitchen or balcony. A sure shot way to brighten up your home as well as mood.

One last but a valuable tip for 1BHK homes: Always keep it clutter free and organized. 

Remember, “Less is More” as the saying from renowned German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe goes!

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