4 Pooja room Color Combination Ideas

Pooja Room Interiors Dated:  Oct. 3, 2016
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Puja Room Ideas by Ar. Abhikalpana Rachna Kendra

Pooja rooms are a very sacred and crucial part for some house owners. It is a necessary part in the house for some; and while some like to have a small, peaceful area to pray and/or meditate, some others like to have it grand. 

According to the rules of Vaastu Shastra, the pooja room should be constructed in the north,east or the north-east part of the house, and not near the kitchen, washroom or in any other direction. A well built and maintained pooja room in the correct locations can bring health, prosperity and happiness to the house and its occupants.

Normally, a pooja room consists of idols of deities, lamps, incense stick stands,flowers and their garlands,  pedestals, sitting area, and other accessories if needed. Sometimes, decoration articles are also included to make the room pleasant looking and aesthetically appealing.

The combination of colours used in the pooja room is very important since it decides the look, feel and the aura/vibe of the room! The colours used in the room have a very big say in the appearance of the room.

 A few designs of color combinations of pooja rooms are discussed here that can give you a few ideas for your pooja room. 

Best Colour for Pooja RoomBest Colour for Pooja Room Idea by Interior Designer Kamlesh Maniya

The above shown pooja room space, is minimally designed in the sense of colours, is not loud and gives a calm and light feel to the area where you can meditate, chant or pray with no disturbance and in peace.  The pedestal is given a beautiful background design in wood painted white- behind which lights are installed to give an effect of the light coming from the idol of god as aura or positive vibes.

The steps of the pedestal are painted white with a wooden side that looks delicate, modern and calming at the same time.

Puja Room Color CombinationPuja Room Color Combination Design Idea by Architect Ambarish Golawar

In this pooja room space, there is no splash of vibrant colours that makes it look peaceful and inviting.  The portrait of God is installed on the wall along with the installation of the circular concentric circles design panel which is popularly used before meditation to focus the sight on.The colour of the décor is kept simple and comforting. It is made to be an ideal place for meditation and praying since the color palette includes light, peaceful and simple colors.

Puja Room Colours IdeasPuja Room Colours Ideas
Image Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com

In this pooja room space, a lot of decoration, colorfulness and vibrancy is given prime importance. We see colors ranging from pure white in the curtains to the splash of colors in flowers, carpets and lights. Multiple colors are used to make it vibrant with positivity, liveliness  and devotion.

Colour for Pooja RoomColour for Pooja Room Idea by Architecture firm Istudio Architecture

 In the above shown pooja room, the coloring of the room includes mostly the brown of the wooden themed décor given to it. The color palette includes only white and brown with an off-white color given to the marble floor. The wooden drawers make for a fitting add-on or an accessory. The over-all color of the room is made homely, cozy and just right for a pooja room.

As seen in the above designs and color combinations, you can have a pooja room with the perfect color palette so that you can have the experience you need and also the serene atmosphere of devotion, peace and calmness while you pray.

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