5 Quick Tips to Decorate the Spiritual Corner of your Home

Pooja Room Interiors Dated:  Sept. 10, 2015
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Pooja Room, Source: astrovasturemedies.com

Spiritual Corner - which you call a “mandir” or a place where you worship. Whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or of any religion it is a place which everyone has in their homes. It is a corner in our homes where we find peace and give some time to our almighty. In this era of growing trends in interiors, we all look for something different to decorate each corner of our house and this spiritual corner also requires the same attention. Here we bring you some trendy and elegant ideas to make your place of worship more beautiful with modern outlook:-

Pooja Room Decor
Pooja Room Decor
Image source: https://img.kwikdeko.com/2013/04/contemporary-pooja-room-2.jpg

1. Idea for a pooja room in outdoor space or between your doorway and corridor:-
The picture below is a complete pack of an elegant worship space; it looks so bright with the white walls and the wooden flooring. It is well complimented with the lighting on the floor as well as on the back main wall designed with columns. Keeping things simple is a new way to go.

Spacious Pooja Room DesignSpacious Pooja Room Design by Interior Designer Sonali Shah

2. Keep it traditional but with a modern touch:-
This is something you must be looking for, a design which is modern but keeps up with the traditional look. We all usually prefer it in a traditional way for glorifying and revering. Go for some textured walls with glass panel around and add a chandelier to the ceiling. Keeping the beads with kuber diya and all the traditional things in your own way will complete the total pack.

marble mandir
Marble Mandir
Image source: https://www.divinegallery.in/styles/img-4.jpg

3. Running short of space? Go for something unique:-
It is a common idea but an evergreen one. A small readymade “mandir” of wood or marble, whatever goes best for you in some different style or patterns can make your 5 minutes of worshiping worth its place. If you choosing a wooden one, I will suggest you to go for black polished wood it looks amazing. And if you are up for a marble one go for white shiny marble, it will surely enhance the space.

open pooja room designs
Open Pooja Room Designs
Image source: https://www.ansainteriors.com/prd/mandir.jpga

4. give your divinity an open space:-
Latest in fashion is making your pooja space in an open area. It has to be simple and make sure you do not keep too many beads their but try to keep one bead and that should be big in size. The thing which is the focal point here is the wall on the background, which has to be unique. Go for some patterns and enhance it with lighting.

Puja room Designs
Puja Room Designed by Interior Designer Kamlesh Maniya

5. utilizing the corners:-
There are designs which can bring a new look to the corner and make it a place of peace and meditation. Corner are offered with two stair slap with a back cover to the wall, it can also be a covered one from above. The shape of the piece can be triangular, round or any other which goes best with your space. The long hanging bells which are usually found in temple can also be added to your worship space, it will give a perfect look.

Double Corner Pullout 450
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