10 Pooja Room Glass Door Designs

Pooja Room Interiors Dated:  July 21, 2016
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Glass Door, Image Source: homemakeover.in

Everyone leads a stressful life. We need strength and peace of mind to begin our day afresh and we need to calm ourselves down after a long day at work. We need a getaway within our own residences. A space where we can connect to the higher Power. To God. And architecturally, this is not taken lightly.

The Pooja Room. We design Pooja Rooms to create a sacred space to worship, to meditate and pray. These rooms are believed to carry high positive vibrations. We adorn this place with glitter, light lamps and incenses. The entire idea of such a space gives a calm and serene picture to our mind.

The façade sets the tone of the building and with respect to spaces within, it’s the door. The present trend of Pooja Room doors involves use of glass designs.

The use of glass adds elegance, and grace with a sense of connectivity for the positive vibes to be spread to the entire residence.

Modern Glass DoorModern Glass Door
Image Source: homemakeover.in

In the above design, the glass panels build a partition around the pooja room. The foldable panels are made of wood and glass and have wonderful patterns on them.These panels act as the doorway and saves space. This enables complete visual contact with the deity, even outside the room. The designs on the panels add a welcoming aesthetic to the space.

Pooja RoomPooja Room
Image Source: homemakeover.in

The above design uses glass panels to create partition within the pooja room allowing different spaces for different deities. The entrance door also, if noted properly, has glass panelled wooden door giving the vintage look to the space.

Glass DoorGlass Door
Image Source: homemakeover.in

Notice the designs on this glass door, this is the effect glass gives you. It adds richness, charm and beauty to the doorway. This is a single leaf glass door. The room also has a glass partition with a wooden fabrication on the same side.

Glass doors have plenty of advantages.

  • They allow light to pass through. This lights up the entire space, enabling its efficient use.
  • It is durable and easy to maintain. Doesn’t collect much dust.
  • Glass doesn’t rust or corrode and is safe from termites.
  • Modern digital printing allows more flexibility in the type of designs on the glass.
  • They are weather resistant.
  • Helps achieving a space with  modern  look or traditional or a mixture of both.

Glass and wood form an artistic combination. They create admirable doors.

Glass and Wood Door DesignGlass and Wood Door Design
Image Source: www.zingyhomes.com

This is such a two leaf door. Here, frosted glass provides privacy. However, it isn’t plain. The wooden frame and the patterns on the glass add aesthetics and create more stability to the doorway.

Pooja Room Door DesignPooja Room Door Design
Image Source: pinterest.com

Glass doesn’t always need to have intricate artworks on it.It can be simple and bold like the above design. Translucent two leaf door with an adjacent casement like partition made of glass – framed with wood.

The pooja room needn’t always be a grand space occupying enormous space. In case of an apartment which has space issues or as per one’s will , the pooja room can come in cabinets.

Pooja Room Cabinet DesignPooja Room Cabinet Design
Image Source: homemakeover.in
Glass Pooja Room CabinetGlass Pooja Room Cabinet
Image Source: stylesatlife.com

The cabinet types of pooja rooms usually have bevelled glass doors. They are durable and extremely strong.

Pooja Room with Glass DoorPooja Room with Glass Door
Image Source: homemakeover.in

Pooja room like the above come attached in cabinets and can be fitted into any major space like the living room, kitchen or dining room. Frosted glass again adds privacy and it blends with the surrounding space.

The use of stained glass adds a multitudinal effect to the entire space. The play with lighting is really interesting.

Pooja Room Frameless Glass DoorPooja Room Frameless Glass Door
Image Source: pinkzpassion.blogspot.in
Frameless Glass DoorFrameless Glass Door
Image Source: pinterest.com

These are frameless glass doors. These doors are aesthetically alluring and add magnificence to the entire space within and outside. The glass can be frosted or transparent.

The use of such frameless doors gives a barrier less connection to the pooja room and the rest of the space. The visual connectivity is also strong.

Why so much importance for doors? 

Because doors act as the index of the space enclosed. The physical appearance of the doors creates a visual and expectations in the mind of the user of the space within. And the doors are functionally protecting barriers and show division of space. The material used for these acts as a cloth of communication. They voice for the space. And here, Glass just seems to be necessary, creating a pure space for prayer.

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