Pooja Room Interiors Dated:  Jan. 19, 2017
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Pooja spaces in modern times have been reduced to a shelf, corner & sometimes a small room. They are congregation places of the entire family but we lack space for making it so elaborate. Designing storage in such small spaces can be confusing for you need to accommodate for the idols too. The most common scenario is that of a counter with the idols above & storage below.

Let us help you with some cool idea for your Pooja room storage….

Things to keep in mind:-

  • Decide on your requirement….figure out whether you need a counter for your Pooja space or not?
  • Open storage or closed?
  • Amount of storage required……design the shelves accordingly.
  • Permanent storage or changeable
  • Multi-purpose storage unit or only dedicated to Pooja space.
  • Since there are a lot of lamps involved in Pooja rooms make sure you choose your laminates for the furniture in the Pooja space of appropriate rating & resistance.

Make sure you decorate your storage to suit the theme & also the ambience of the Pooja room.

Let’s get started..

Counter top Pooja rooms

Pooja MandirPooja Mandir
Designed by: IStudio Architecture

The common practice of having a cabinet at the bottom & the Pooja counter on top of it, is simple & easy to conceive. It occupies a specified space & easy to maintain & clean.

You can choose to enclose the entire Pooja space over the counter with door too!! You’ll have storage down…..& everything will fit into one compact shelf space.

It could also fit into your kitchen then, without hindering your work space.

Corner shelves

Pooja MandirPooja Mandir
Designed by: Mads Creations

Partition storage

You could use the partitions as a storage space by carving out shelves as per requirement in them. It serves dual purpose of a partition & storage. Also the advantage of this kind of storage is that you can choose to have open of closed storage!!

Easy, pretty & transparent!!

Notice how bells have also used to make the storage look aesthetically good!!

You could use lamps or make it a Pooja book shelf.

Low-rise counter-top

Home MandirHome Mandir designed byAmbarish Golawar

One could employ various ideas of storage based on one’s needs. You could choose to have a counter & still keep it free.

Choosing to have a counter is deliberately making a storage shelf. You can use nook & corners for such shelves so that the usable space isn’t compromised.

Such low-rise counters can be extended to make sitting spaces in case you have any elders in your house or for your self even.

DIY mock storage

Pooja space with open storage
Pooja space with open storage
Image source: www.theolivebuffet.wordpress.com

For small spaces & smaller need put up some stools together & ta-daa……your Pooja space with open storage is done…..its just soo less complicated & open.

You can rearrange into anything you want too!!

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