Pros and cons of Built-in Hobs

Decor Tips Dated:  April 5, 2014
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When you are planning the layout of your kitchen you want to be very careful in the selection and position of items; since they can mean a world of difference. Every housewife looks for ways in which she can minimize her work and stress load in the kitchen and the contemporary kitchen ware has a lot to offer. The modern kitchens are increasingly moving towards built in appliances as opposed to the free standing ones and the good old cooking range or oven is no exception. The freestanding Hobs have had their day and are being increasingly taken over by the built in ones.

But, before you decide upon one or the other, do take a look at the pros and cons of built-in hobs…


•    The very reason that built-in hobs are gaining popularity is the fact that they seem to merge and flow into the surface and give a very modern, clean and chic look. Most fitted kitchens consider these a must have. Since kitchen is a focal point in the house and happens to be the one place where families often get together and spend time…it is becoming more and more common for people to look in to the aesthetics of this space. A built in oven looks rather elegant and often compliments the décor of the kitchen.
•    While the freestanding model requires surface space; built in hobs are ideal for small kitchens as they help you save space.
•    The built in hobs come with a lot of modern functionalities and features. They are almost always fitted with alarms and timers which can be programmed so you don’t have to worry about overcooking or burning the food. There are those which also have features that allow you to punch in the weight of the food and the

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of food that you are about to cook. These appliances even switch off automatically once the food is cooked as per the programmed time, which helps you save energy.


•    The installation of these built in hobs is rather complex as compared to the free standing system. Changing or replacing them and be costly.
•    Since most of them run on electricity you might take some time to getting used to it as most Indian households have been used to gas supplied cooking ranges. 
•    These are comparatively more expensive than the free standing cooking units. 
•    If you ever wish to change the built in hobs and go for a new one it would mean a considerable cost and might even impact the cabinetry and the existing theme and décor of the kitchen. Unlike the freestanding unit you cannot really move it around your kitchen as and when you desired. It is more of a permanent fixture rather than a movable one.
•    You may wish to get a comparison of the energy expenditure before getting one of these installed as the electricity costs in India are much higher than those of gas.

Fact is both freestanding and built-in systems

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their pros and cons and each may be suitable to a person as per their sense of aesthetics and requirement. The best way to go for one or the other would be a careful and complete analysis of what the two entail.

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